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Destruction – Barbara Francis

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July 25, 2020
Barbara Francis

Daughter destruction is coming to your nation . Destruction from armies within . Invasion from armies of other lands . Your prideful lazy people will be captives and slaves. Your King in danger. Again unrepentant arrogant leaders will fall by the sword. Pride comes before the fall. A people and nation that has not prepared for war will cry and wail in the streets . Famine will sweep the earth. More plagues and fires to cleanse a putrid earth of evil and wickedness. You have not come before me in humility. I will send earthquakes before the fall. I will throw down every idol. I will close every mouth that blasphemes my Name. I Am. Right now your own leaders plan your complete control and are implementing tools to seek and find you . I see many preparing as I have told you to do. Daughter speak the vision. Now is the time. On three occasions you showed me ants running to and fro back and forth , up and down. You likened them as the way way we should be storing food and making sure we have a plan to endure the coming destruction and and famine. A close knit group to help each other as the Beast takes power. Do not be slack . As it is written now it will will be fulfilled. ONLY a FEW WILL ESCAPE THE WRATH TO COME . Will you be accounted worthy?

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