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Death. Destruction. Despair. – Servant of Adonai


Death. Destruction. Despair.

September 29, 2021 3:53 PM
servant of Adonai

Received 9/26/21


Many Babies crying screaming followed by-

Bees stinging people

Swarming out of peoples mouths

a fly




white tent

Yellow fields


Swarms of Insects

River of blood

Plagues like Egypt

(I felt like God was pointing out there are many people and animals without a hard protective shelter to escape insects)

Tropical beaches crabs palm trees

Dark Tsunami at night

(I think Florida ((I see this one non stop))

Volcano Island (Canary Islands)


I gave them a warning to get off the East coast, out of FL possibly Louisiana etc. (that if the island broke off they would all be in danger)

((I also want to say God has been showing me, maybe I am wrong just what I am getting, pray about it yourself as well please..

That the Canary Island will not break off but that California will be the first disaster. What I feel God is strongly confirming is ALL of Lynne Johnson’s message here https://444prophecynews.com/

Also God told me this next/ first Cali disaster/earthquake would be more like the movie volcano than the movie 2012 or San Andreas to my great surprise ))

Message continued:

Disaster upon disaster.

Plague upon plague.

Death. Destruction. Despair.

All around, all around.

No escape, no escape.

Come now, come to Me.

Now all My children so I can save you,

so I can wrap you up in My holy arms. Come to Me now, come to Me fast, fast now children. Act quickly! It’s life or death, heaven or hell. Come NOW before all the world falls apart, before it’s too late. Don’t lean on them, lean on Me. I’m crying, Im crying too, I’m travailing in labor pains just like you are. I’m crying for all My children to come home before all catastrophe breaks out! Come clean, come to Me. I’ll fix what’s broken, I will heal all wounds, I will fix all that needs fixing.

Come to Me. Trust in Me. Believe in Me. Call on Me quickly now sheep! Get in, get in, get in the ark. Last chance, last chance to get in before it’s gone! Trust Me, trust Me! I’ll get you out now! Trust Me. Pray daily. Read daily. Believe ye on Me! Repent, repent, turn, turn from your wicked and evil ways! All of you turn and call on Me while there is still time!! Come back! Come quickly now children! Take a deep breath, I’m almost here. I’m almost here to bring you home. Take heart for your heavy hearts. Mine is heavy too, Mine is heavy. Take heart, not much longer now. Believe ye in Me! I do not lie! I Am not a man that I should lie. Rest heavy soul, rest and drink, drink the water, come now, come quickly now. Do not fail to come to the cross… (He always continues to plead endlessly )


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