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Are You Ready For Me? – Caroline Diadem

Are You Ready For Me?

April 27, 2024
Caroline Diadem

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hi guys just me again I’m going to share a message with you I’m kind of catching up with you guys at the moment I had another message here that I received on the 1st of February and I didn’t share it actually because I do get a you know different words from the Lord and some of the more important messages I will share and then others I I just kind of keep it there because sometimes it’s just my prayer time where I’m worshiping the Lord and and the Lord making me a message through interpretation of of tongues or something and this was one of those kind of times

I was just walking on the beach and the lord gave me a message and um but what what what happened was um I came across a video just after the after the the American Eclipse um by a girl from lionsport is her her um video sorry I’m tired I’m just after getting over a migraine today I was really not well with the migraine so I’m a bit kind of sleepy tired but um so anyway she came out with something that really confirmed this message so I’m going to leave her message in the comments so have a look at her message from the 15 minute Mark cuz that’s when she confirms my message here so that’s why I’m actually sharing the message and I think really it was probably a prod from the Lord to just share this you know so this uh I just called it my spirit shall not always strive with flesh um yeah and

I got it on the 1 of February so I was just walking on the beach alone I was praying in the evening time as the sun was setting and these are the words that I felt through the interpretation of tongues that I received from the Holy Spirit the day draws near

sayth the Lord yet the people are not expecting my coming the people are not expecting what is happening right now that the time is short nobody is preparing nobody is ready for the day that is coming upon them says the Lord for they are not looking to me for they are not seeking me they do not call upon my name so this day comes upon them unaware says the Lord it is my day of Vengeance that is due to come upon the Earth for all the wickedness my spirit shall not always strive with man for he is flesh and that is why I gave him 120 years yet the Lord says I’ve cut his days short in time because my spirit will not always strive with flesh for the mind of man is wicked and much wickedness lies throughout the Earth says the Lord they do fill up their sins to the uttermost they do fill up their sins until the cup overflows though the wickedness moves on this Earth I stayed my hand with mercy and perseverance and longsuffering but the day very soon approaches says the Lord that will issue in my vengeance upon the Earth for every Wicked sin done below the Earth on the earth and over the earth I will repay every hidden sin says the Lord all the wickedness that is done I shall no longer hold my hand back I will bring the Earth to a sudden and Speedy end says the Lord a very speedy and surprisingly sudden end says the Lord it shall be done speedily it shall be be done quickly my hand holds it back but no more no more um the day looms the day of Darkness looms but no one is prepared nobody prepares themselves yet if they called upon my name says the Lord as my word says I will hear them I will hear them for I am not a god that is far away but I am a God that is near I am a God that is in your mouth and in your heart says the Lord if you would call upon my name I would hear you and I would deliver you from everything that happens on the earth says God so that you would be mine yet nobody calls upon my name they refuse to search for me they refuse to seek me out to their own demise says the Lord what is my creation that is so stubborn as to not search out his God to not search out the one who is a refuge to not search out the one who heals the weary Soul who heals the destitute who heals the one that is needy yet I am the God that he refuses the day comes speedily upon you I say the day comes speedily upon you multitudes multitudes is in the valley of decision for I will bring the day where I will force the people to decide for me says the Lord multitudes in the valley of decision it is the day of looming darkness and it quickly comes upon the Earth it quickly comes upon the people yet they do not search for me but I say my spirit shall not always strive with man for he is flesh and his thoughts continually are wickedness before me

and this is the essence of the message that I felt that the lord gave me tonight so have a listen to the other message because it really confirms this one and the scriptures that the Lord I believe is referring to um is from Joel so have a read of the Book of Joel because it confirms this message um talking about the valley of decision um and talking about the harvesting of the earth you know God is going to bring in a great harvest I believe that this day of Vengeance that’s coming is going to be like the Great Harvest that God brings in because the Earth is not going to finish without God bringing in a Great Harvest and uh that’s what I believe so he’s going to force people to make a decision um and this girl talks about you know how God sers the light from the darkness and how God is making a division between those who are Godly and those who are ungodly and I I believe that’s absolutely happening it is happening God I’ve spoken about this myself in other videos that God is making a divide you know we will be persecuted I think more and more we are going to be pushed out we’re going to be persecuted we’re going to be separated they’ve already started to do it to Jew the Jews because because of the war situation um we can see a you know things like that happening to the Jewish people right now and it can very easy swing like that as well with Christians you know so um because PE you know social media in particular I mean it’s having such a polarizing effect on people you know um it’s quite quite dangerous really yeah so um that’s what I wanted to share um you know I just want to share something just just something briefly um I really have a sense that very soon Barack Obama’s going to come back into power and uh I I I’ve been seeking the Lord and asking the Lord about the election and what’s going to happen and is is is President Trump going to come back in um but I don’t get a strong sense of what’s going to happen with that I do get a feeling and a sense that we must pray and that we must repent and that we must turn back to the Lord and I think that if if America doesn’t repent and turn back to the Lord um you know this could this is what could maybe prevent Donald Trump from coming into Power because Donald Trump is not is a me he’s just he’s just um how would you say he’s just in the hand of the Lord you know and and I I knew that when Donald Trump was in power before that God was showing me that he was giving Mercy to America and he was keeping the um the global the Antichrist Beast systm Empire the globalist Empire he was he was holding it back for that period but the darkness that’s coming and the Darkness in Isaiah 61 that this lady refers to as well that coming darkness is really the global Empire that’s what it is it’s the Antichrist Global Empire that is prophesied about in Revelation Revelations 13 in particular um anyway sorry I I was getting off so yeah so I want to say that the Lord did show me something about um Barack Obama and he showed me that he’s going to be a king like a type of a king figure he’s going to come back into power and um I I feel like he’s he’s most certainly a precursor to the Antichrist that’s what I think he is right um I see him as a kind type of like a pharaoh you know and um I believe the Lord spoke to me and told me that he’s going to come in through a league so he’s not going to come in like another president I think he’s going to be actually over the president that’s what I think again it’s un usurping Authority it’s usurping the correct Authority it’s going on at the moment all all over because all these politicians um their their power has been us is being usurped by the wef and so forth for those of you who know what I’m referring to okay um but anyway yeah so I felt Barack Obama will come in he’ll be like a king he’ll have like authority of a king and I believe the Lord show he’ll come in through a league that’s how he’s going to come in through a league um and that’s not really a major surprise I don’t know when he’s going to come in I don’t know when it’s going to happen I have quite a few prophecies on it and I know there’s a heap of other prophecies from other people too um and the Lord also showed me that when you see Obama coming into Power that’s the time to be worried that’s the time to be nervous because it is going to spell disaster disaster when he comes into Power it’s not going to I mean you know people are going to be celebrating man you’re going to get a landing you’re going to get a landing when he comes into power a serious Landing you know so yeah that’s it folks I just thought I’d mention that on the end there because it has been a my mind has been in in my heart to just even mention that so that you know people are aware of it I don’t know when it’s going to happen really um yeah I just knew it was you know I just know it’s going to be soon enough I re I reckon it’s going to be soon enough you know so that’s all for now folks God bless bless you and I’ll speak to you soon bye

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