Darkness Will Cover The Land – Barbara Francis


Darkness Will Cover The land

July 6, 2021
Barbara Francis


I am ready to put out the earth’s lamps, the sun will be darkened the stars and moon will not give their light . For you love the darkness and there is no light in you, you wicked generation. I see you always have your hand out in want but you never give of yourself . Your eyes are dark, evil. You come from the evil one . The devil is your Father. Now the testing comes to the nations. Good and Evil exposed , deception abounds. I see the sorcery I see the liars. Every hidden thing will be exposed. I will shut down mans machines and make his house dark and silent. I will stop all of mans technology. I will stop his space travel and destroy his satellites. A plague of sores , sores will be upon all men pestilence and death. You will see the dead in the streets,there will be no time for a burial as another plague sweeps the earth. I have called you to repent and prepare for this time .Only a remnant will be spared. Soon darkness will cover the land . Pray the destroyer passes over your house.

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