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Darkness, Word

Critical Mass – Robyn

Critical Mass

2020/09/15 at 12:12 PM

444 Note: People commonly are confused at who runs their is a YouTube channel titled Mike444 who reads from the website often. This is who this message was intended for but they sent it to me by mistake. As I have never successfully contacted Mike444, I’m posting  this so he has the opportunity to read it since its addressed to him.

Hi Mike, First, I do appreciate what Father brings forth through you. There are few people that My husband and I ever listen to, as we believe that The Holy Spirit will speak time each man or woman’s spirit, if they will listen. However, I do from time to time listen to the words you bring forth. I believe that you have discernment. While I may not agree with everything, I do find agreement in many things. This morning, I have listened to Babylon is falling—which my husband and I believe that It is the USA. There are so few that are willing to accept this, and expect that The Most High will “rescue her”. It baffles me that fellow brothers and sisters can believe this with the level of wickedness that the US engages in—especially in child sacrifice and perversion.

Anyway, a couple of days ago, I had a text from a sister that I hadn’t communicated with since August 11. I know that because I looked back at the last text. When I did, I was surprised, because I had sent her something that I heard from the Lord—and I had totally forgotten it and couldn’t hardly remember writing it. I looked and had sent it to 3-4 people I am close to, but no one else. I felt impressed to send it to you, just as confirmation of other things you have been sharing. This is the message: (as written, I just copied and pasted)

What I heard today: We are getting ready to enter into the darkest hour/time the world has EVER known—It will make “the Dark Ages” seem mild in comparison. For “the Dark Ages” were regionalized and centralized. They took place in the so-called “known” world, but there were many indigenous and native peoples in unknown parts of the world that worshipped Me in Spirit and in Truth—pure bloodlines that kept the purity of Who I Am. Now evil has expanded and exploded. It runs rampant as in the days of Noah, yet in the days of Noah there were no missiles, no nuclear weapons, no satellites, no AI, no CERN— The forces of evil had no way to open the vortexes on a large scale and no way to communicate their plans to each other except remotely – – therefore they were far less organized. They have now hit critical mass – – they are ready for a worldwide take down. I’ve given the world many invitations and have extended the time many times, but no more. lucifer’s time is upon you—he will have his day and I have given the world the master they have asked for. But for MY remnant, I will not only shorten the days, but WILL hide them in the shadow of My Wings and My peace shall rest upon them.

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