COME BACK AND SEEK HIS FACE – Gary Wilkerson: World Challenge Daily Devotional 8-27-2018


Gary Wilkerson

August 27, 2018

Some believers only pray when they are being disciplined by God. They are convicted and feel bad and begin to pray, and then gradually forget to pray again. The Bible says, “My people have forgotten me days without number” (Jeremiah 2:32).

In your case, it may not be that you do not pray, it’s just that you don’t have a formal prayer time. It is not that you don’t bow your knee to the Lord, but that you forget him. You don’t forget to pray, you forget the Lord. When you remember the Lord, you pray. You cannot think about him without addressing him and adoring him. You cannot adore him without seeking him and you cannot seek him without praying.

Prayer comes naturally to people who remember the Lord. When we forget him for a few days, he brings subtle, loving reminders. When we forget him for longer periods of time, he begins to stir us. When we forget him for “days without number,” he brings his discipline into our personal lives and also into our nation. When a nation begins to forget about God, he stirs up that nation in a way that causes it to come back to him and seek his face.

What God wants is very simple. He wants devoted, single-minded worshipers, and intercessors who seek his face day and night. He wants people who will go all-out for him.

Let’s consider what God does to get people in right standing with him during times like we are living in right now. He not only brings judgment on a nation but he raises up a small group of people called “remnant intercessors” and shines his glory on them. He reveals his heart to them and empowers them with his grace and authority. And then he causes them to model what he wants for that nation.

I encourage you to become a part of this fellowship of believers — those who worship God, who seek his face, and who discern his heart for his people.

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