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Each Day/ I Am Waiting/ Running Amok – LynL

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Each Day/ I Am Waiting/ Running Amok

April 4, 2023 10:59 PM
This word is for those who are working on that last sin but have not been too successful. God is willing to work with each of us, if we are willing to put in the time and effort. Some are fearful of the future and need to know they can count on God to help with their fear, because Fear is not of God. It is up to us to facilitate the change that is still needed on our walk.
God is proud of those of you who have conquered the flesh and the fear of the future.


Each Day is a New Day

Each day that we are here we find many things that interest us. We like sports, gaming, parties, drinking, smoking and drugs. We sleep with people we are not married to. We steal what is not ours and say we deserve this for “whatever reason”. We are not humble, loving, or kind to others. Each day is filled with things that defile our bodies and minds. Yet, I still hear that this individual is expecting to make it into Heaven. They claim they have done nothing wrong and that a “Good God” would never send them to Hell.
They make their own rules and commandments and supersede mine. There is not enough room in Heaven for a billion Gods, all with different rules.
My commandments are eternal and are to be followed by all. If you believe you can create your Universe, go right ahead!
All sin must be dealt with if you are to enter my Kingdom. Yes, it will take effort on your part. Each person has dug the hole they currently reside in. They, themselves, and no one else can get them out of their ditch. They must take that first step to freeing their soul from the baggage that has weighed them down. Take that first step out of the darkness and find my light. I will help you, if you will try. Together, we will both succeed in freeing you from the chains you have been shackled with.

I Am Waiting, Anticipating You

My love for you is great. You are my creation. I Am happy every time I see you and I wait for your heart to come to me.
The problem is I have waited for some of you, your whole lifetime. You make excuses for your sins and put off getting rid of them. You have waited far too long to repent and turn from these sins. The enemy, Satan, is very pleased with your progress. He smiles when you do wrong and do not repent. He is happy to see you headed for his territory.
I gave everyone free will to choose. All I can do is get messengers to you and convict you thru the Holy Spirit. It is up to you to facilitate the change you have been avoiding. It is time to knock that sin out of your life and the ballpark. I Am waiting, anticipating you.

Running Amok!

Do you run in circles like a chicken without a head? Are you confused on what your next move is going to be? Are you reliant on others for your direction in life? It is now time to take control of your life and do what is necessary to center your soul with mine. We need to work as a team not a fragmented object that is not cohesive. We must be working together symbiotically and know that I will protect you no matter what is happening.
Running in circles is a component of fear and anxiety. I am not of these components. Always remember to think of me when you feel ill at ease and not centered in me. I Am a thought away, so near, that I can be touched.
You need to reset your thoughts to me alone and know I can do anything. There is nothing that is impossible for me.
As things change for the worse, do not fall into fear, anxiety hopelessness or fatigue of being in a situation you did not expect. Take a breath, recenter on me, rebuke the feelings you are having and move forward positively. Do not go back to old habits you are comfortable doing which cause the anguish you are feeling. Rebuke these feelings in my mighty name and continue whatever you are doing. I Am with you at all times.


Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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