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I AM AT THE DOOR – Barbara Francis


October 20, 2021
Barbara Francis

I am returning for you I AM at the door, I can tarry no longer . My eyes roam the earth. I see a loveless people , many with dark hearts. A murdering society of cold hearted people who do not know me . I am at the door can you feel the wind in your face? Can you feel my presence ? Can you see my light shining ? Can you hear me whisper in your ear? Can you feel my love? I AM LOVE. When I enter my glory will fill the room . I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD .You are not appointed to wrath you are my crown jewels . You will be spared from the coming judgements Your name has been recorded in my book. You are my chosen . Before I formed you and placed you in your mothers womb , I knew you . I named you . I loved you. I sanctified you . You will be with me forever . I AM AT THE DOOR .


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