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Horse of Death, ANGELS / THE BLOOD WASHED SAINTS – Judy Reynolds

Death on the Pale Horse

Death on the Pale Horse
Date 1865
Source A 20th century Swedish bible
Author Gustave Doré (1832–1883)


July 26, 2020 9:54 PM
Judy Reynolds

was given on 7/24/20

This vision was given to me on this last Friday morning right before waking, I had sort of woke up but still had my eyes closed and then this image was  played very vivid and JESUS said to me right before I saw, “I know you don’t want to see this but I need to show you and I want you to tell my people.”

So, this is what I saw, on my left was a pale horse, very pale almost faded looking but I could clearly see that it was tan; the rider had no face and was wearing a black cloak and the cloak covered the area where the face was to  be and shaped that way too. The arms were thin, all of the body was gaunt looking. The horse as well was very bony and thin. The rider was carrying a sharp,long  curved blade in his right hand. I knew instantly this was the horse of death in the book of Revelation.

Then, after those second, about 10 I looked again and to my right were angels. Five very large angels with glowing, almost all gold garments almost to their feet, there was a little bit of white on the hem and on their sleeves, they did not have huge wings, their stature was like a very masculine man. They were spaced out a little ways from the others and there were five, I counted them. I knew that these were High Arch angels that have been put here now to watch over us.

Scriptures given for this vision are Revelation 6:8, and Psalm 91:11,12.


This word was given to me today, 7/26/20 between 3:30 and 3:35 pm. I was praising the Lord just a little bit and I strongly felt His presence,and I  just said “JESUS, JESUS” and my right hand started just shaking and I said “Lord, our righteousness is as filthy rags! Yes, Lord the latter rain is coming upon us let us wear the fine and linen garments! Then out of my mouth came these words  slowly and clearly.

“The blood washed saints are coming alive, the blood washed saints are coming alive,
the blood washed saints are coming alive.
The baby has been salted, and washed in the blood of JESUS, the blood of the LAMB of GOD. The blood washed saints are coming alive. The blood washed saints are coming alive. Oh yes, the devil has his counterfeit and the time now comes forth. The blood washed saints are coming alive. My children, do you not perceive what hour you are living in? The blood washed saints are coming alive. The blood washed saints are coming alive. THE BLOOD WASHED SAINTS ARE COMING ALIVE!

Scriptures given for this word are Ezekiel 16:1-10, and the whole chapter if you want. I’ll be honest this chapter is very deep and God has been having me read it alot. Romans 12:1-5, James 1:17,18.
When the LORD was speaking this out when he said “the devil has his counterfeit” I  immediately thought of all of the baby sacrifices where the sacred blood is spilt and then rubbed on who knows what or who else. I just knew in my spirit that what
JESUS meant was that the devil despises the blood that was spilt by the LAMB of GOD that he night and day mocks God with all the sacrifices; and that JESUS blood bought saints are now washed in the priceless blood of the LAMB of GOD and are coming alive. I vividly pictured the saints as newborn babes washed in HIS blood.

I was told to get this word out right away and annointed my head before typing this. The meaning is huge and timely though I do not fully understand it.

Blessings and prayers,
Judy Reynolds


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