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Children Your Tests Are Now Upon You

September 13, 2021 6:41 AM<
The Messenger

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Received on 9/11/21 after 8:30 AM

My Son take these short words down of encouragement for My Wheat ,My Ones. My Worthy the Ones who obey My Voice, walk in My Holiness and are Spirit led this short Message is not for you. My Wheat and My Ones why did I just list those things of My Worthy, is it because I as Your Father, Your God have favorites or is it because to be a Child Of The Most High, that is what you are suppose to be like to be called My Own

My Wheat and My Ones those three things you lack, yes you believe, but Your belief, you have never been tested with . You have never walked out Your faith, you say you believe but do you truly believe, do you? My Wheat you say that you believe in Your heart and with Your mouth ;but can you honestly say that you truly have the faith required to. If need be to die of Oneself, to do anything necessary for Your salvation, well as Your God you will find out. You see My Children My Worthy are ready, all of them know in there hearts that their physical death is nothing, it Means nothing , why because they die daily they have learned to crucify there flesh . You see My Wheat, My Chidren through obedience to Me, Your Creator’s Voice, Your Father they have been taught all that is needed to crucify the flesh . I can tell them to drink only water for ever and they would obey, I can tell them do not eat that or at all and they would obey. I can tell them to not do that or listen to that and they obey My Voice My commands. They are told on a daily basis numerous things and they obey they , die daily to this world. They want no part of it they know what they have to do and what they will be doing . My Wheat you do not do any of the things I have listed here, you just do not at least in the whole as of yet.

My Wheat I must , MUST crucify Your flesh , must, so you can be with Me Your Father and My Son, Jesus the Christ in the heavenly, for if I Your Father do not do this or allow it ,you will never make it, here where I am, never can you . My Children please stay strong ,please My Children I love you and want you here with Me, time is oh so short and you My Wheat never truly have understood My Words and still let Men deceive you.

My Children, My Wheat now is the time to at least start all the listed here now, now, now while you have seconds left. The most important thing is obey My Voice the inner still small Voice that is constantly telling you, calling to you to obey Me, let Me into Your heart , Your soul let Me guide you in all things and you shall than truly understand. If you learn My Voice I can teach you everything required to be with Me that is necessary and it can be done in three days!! the question is are you willing to do these things.

My Wheat you must detach Yourself from this world, must and spend all Your free time and time period when the great tribulation is soon to start. You must totally truly believe on what My Son did for you on the cross and My Words to read them as a child reads them, and have that faith to truly believe that through My Will if I the Father command a mountain to move and I tell you to say it it shall be done. You have to forgive truly in Your hearts everyone of everything that has ever been done to you by them, that Means if you still have ill will towards them and keep bringing up what they have done to you than you have not truly forgiven them . True forgiveness is basically forgetting what happened and if reMembered again feeling nothing ill towards them True confession of all, every sin ever committed against Me and My Kingdom I need to know what you did and that you will not do again . You must truly repent of all every evil thing true repentance Means to turn away from every stronghold every evil and never go back to it again. I am God I realize you are flesh and you shall fall I need to see that you will get back up stronger not weaker and truly be that Son and Daughter of The Most High , who I have called you to be. You must be Spirit led and Spirit filled following My Holy Spirit commands, and My Voice for without doing this in total obedience you are not My Son nor Daughter . The final thing and most important is obey My Voice you must and I will say it again and again . All My Worthy obey My Voice that inner, still small Voice for some it is things that are on Your hearts, you must must obey My Voice and what I put on Your heart to do . If you do not do them than you are in disobedience and will have to die in the flesh for My Son Jesus the Christ.

Those are the key, key things needed to be a true born again believer the key things that are needed to be raptured, they are the key things to start to walk and strive in My Holiness you must must try to be Holy to be where I am at you must ,MUST. You must obey My Voice in obeying My Voice I can teach you all things like I have with this Messenger. Please My Children please read and do one thing if just one thing obey My Voice it is the key that unlocks all , everything, if you do that you can rest assured that you shall be takin out off this world before I utterly destroy it. Have faith My Children, My Wheat My grace is sufficient enough .

End of Message

Your Loving Creator, Your Father

Heb 12:14 Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord

Heb 12:25 See that ye refuse not him that speaketh. For if they escaped not who refused him that spake on earth, much more shall not we escape, if we turn away from him that speaketh from heaven

Rom 8:14 For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God

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