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Attack Dreams

November 17, 2022 2:55 AM

Rec’d during the month of 11/22
Obummer, hypnotizing, MKUltra, Warplanes

Grettings brethren. I have been having more dreams recently. The past few nights have been attack sort of dreams. I wasn’t going to share them but the Holy Spirit is prompting me to right now.

I had another brief dream of obummer as the AC.  He looked like a beautiful woman.  I knew it was him. I started taunting him, singing hymns, and then said “I’m excited for you to be thrown into the lake of fire.”  He didn’t like that.  We came up with some code warning he would give me…I don’t understand but I may have been working as a double agent.  I have been shown O is the AC at least 10 times.  Vickie Goforth Parnell has also just  had two very important dreams of him being anointed in the spirit, and some of the attendees. Here is a link to one of them: https://444prophecynews.com/the-coronation-dream-vicki-goforth-parnell/

11/16/22 MkUltra and hypnotizing

I dreamed I went to a movie, (in real life I haven’t gone to a movie in years,) but it turned very bad, they did mkultra on a young girl, and put micky mouse ears on her and then a strip of black film was over her eyes too.  It was the actress Dakota Fanning and she was maybe around 5 years old in my dream.  Pray for her salvation, and for others that have gone through that.   I could not continue to watch this evil movie.

As I was leaving the movie theater there was a guy trying to sell his book, it looked like a believer’s book but was not.  I then saw him with a group of people; he was hypnotizing them with his eyes. He was a middle aged white man, short hair, and steely intense eyes.  I figured it out and was warning people NOT to look at his eyes. I tried making noises, dropping things, anything to get their gaze off him and then I had to run away.  I had to get out of there.  He was mad at me.  It seemed like I was at the Mall of America. This is a huge, four level mall. As I was running away some lady caught my arm and stamped my left hand with some sort of invisible stamp (rubber stamp with ink) but I knew if someone scanned it I would be in trouble. I ran up a level at the mall and finally found an exit and got away.

End of dream. I truly believe that some of us are fighting in the spirit when we sleep. That some of the Bride has been called to and are on active duty. Keep your armor on brethren. Also know, that not all dreams are meant to be shared. Some are secret. That is why I wasn’t going to share the ones I just did, as I thought they were to be kept secret, but the Holy Spirit prompted me to share them.

I was only going to share this one:

Surprise attack, warplanes
Dream rec’d 11/17/22 1:25 a.m.

I dreamed I had gone somewhere to get my hair cut.  (In real life I cut my own hair, but this is how the dream went.) They were busy and I would have to come back later for an appt.  I left, and someone else, I am not sure who, was driving and I was the passenger.  All of the sudden warplanes appeared, flying right above us on the freeway.  They were low, and some started shooting at the cars.  The driver quickly exited the freeway and we got onto a frontage road.  While this was happening, horrific storm clouds were gathering. Dark, VERY DARK, scary, foreboding clouds. I called to cancel the haircut appt. but just got the person’s voicemail.  I made it home, and for some reason the water was not working.  I used a little bottled water I had on hand.

End of dream.  I think this shows, as confirmation to what others have said, the attack on the US will be a surprise attack.  There will be no warning.

Are you ready?

Please pray for wisdom and discernment on everything you read and hear. There are still false words that get posted here. Obviously DJT can’t be a David and a Saul. He is a Saul. Date setters whose dates have come and gone. Pay attention folks. Stay in the Word.

I feel led to share that I wonder why no one has been posting about the FEMA camps and martyrdom for awhile. This is coming too. Are you ready to die for your faith? I had a dream I was beheaded. Here is the link to that dream.

I am sorry that this post got lengthy; I try to keep them brief to respect your time. The Holy Spirit is guiding me on what to share. I also feel prompted to remind you that Hanukkah is coming up. I shared a link from last year in my Joyful Abominations post (do not particpate in the pagan tradition of man called Christmas.). Link to Hanukkah post from last year;

Ok, and one more thing I am being pressed to share. I work at a large chain grocery store. We are being shorted, on more and more things. Things not coming in, across the whole store. This has been ongoing for months. Grocery stores do not have as much storage in the back as you think. This large grocery store has about a day or two worth food depending on the item. Trucks come in every day, and what we get is what we get. Shortages will continue and prices will rise until there is nothing left. One last link to share. https://444prophecynews.com/everything-was-gone-cassandra/

Maybe some of these reminders are for new subscribers to 444.

Thank you Jon for all of your Kingdom work on this site.

Blessings, encouragement, and shalom,



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