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The Coronation Dream – Vicki Goforth Parnell

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The Coronation Dream

November 14, 2022
Vicki Goforth Parnell

11- 8- 22 & 11- 9- 22

Jesus my love, I laid down to take a nap because I became overwhelmed with tiredness. I dreamed again and I lined it up with your holy word 2 Corinthians 13: 1 whose last part says, “In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall a word be established.” I dreamed this twice the night before but not in its entirety. Today I dreamed it again with more details. So sweet Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ name according to John 14: 26 and 1 John 2: 27 bring this dream fully to my remembrance or remove it if for some reason it is not from God. This is a dream:

I found myself inside a very large meeting hall, a room, a gathering place for people all richly and finely dressed in their finest attire. It’s people of every nationality and of every color. All of them are standing. Some with beautiful, stemmed glasses of alcoholic drinks in their hands. They are here for a celebration of sorts I know in this dream.
Excitement was in the room as I observed this grand room filled with so many people, but I couldn’t help but notice I felt uncomfortable. Like, as if they knew my presence was here in this dream and they saw me observing them it would not go well for me if they caught me! I heard pleasantries being exchanged by some, but most are talking excitedly in hushed tones all throughout the room about this soon to see upcoming event.
There are celebrities here. There are powerful men and women of the business world here. I see high-ranking officials of governments and some military personnel as well. I knew all this in this dream. I saw many people. Some I knew and some I did not and upon searching on the Internet through the Holy Spirit’s lead I have identified some who I am to share but didn’t know their names. I will only share those names I have been led to.

There is a Kathleen Kennedy who is a producer with her husband I’m assuming whose name is Frank Marshall who is also a movie producer. There are other producers here as well. I saw Harvey Weinstein, Brian Gazer, Peter Jackson, Jerry Buckheimer and Steven Spielberg. Among the celebrities I saw actor Johnny Depp, actor Tom Hanks, actress Julia Roberts, actor George Clooney, actress Drew Barrymore, actor Al Pacino and actress Angelina Jolie to name a few.

There is a wide variety and assortment of people here all in their finest clothes. I saw the powerful George Soros. There’s King Charles and Camilla his wife. Lord Jesus there’s so many people here! Isn’t that Bill Gates talking to Angela Merkel from Germany that I have seen in other dreams you have given me before sweet Jesus?

I see the Pope…Pope Francis. To the right of him huddled in a group is Elon Musk talking to two men I have identified on the Internet as Antonio Guterres of the United Nations and a Jean-Claude Juncker from the European Nations.

I look around the room and I see the Khomeini from Iran and Arabs. President Erdogan from Turkey. I see a group of people huddled together with a bubble over their heads with black block letters that reads “The Rothschilds.” They’re sipping their expensive liquors and wines while they wait for this grand celebration to begin.

As my eyes passed through the crowds, I spot Mike Pence and his wife Karen, in addition to Michelle Obama. But where is Barack Obama? There’s Hillary Clinton and Bill huddled in the circle with them talking as if they were best friends.

There’s a man with a bubble with the name over his head of Robert Mueller. I’m not sure who he is or why he’s important. I see another cluster of men and women together with another bubble over their heads that says in black block letters Supreme Court Justices. I had to look up their pictures on the Internet. The ones I saw are Ketanji Brown Jackson, who is a black lady. A white man named Samuel Alito. Another white man named John Robert and a Spanish or Mexican looking lady named Sonia Soto major. Again, I was not familiar with who they are in reality.

To the right of this group, I saw a regally dressed woman who has a bubble over her head that says, “Queen Margarethe II.” I recognize the man she is talking to as former Prime Minister of the UK Boris Johnson. Also talking with them is Prince William and his wife Catherine.

Now I am seeing another actor. His name is Tom Cruise and he’s mingling among people including a black man whose bubble says King Mohammed VI. So many, many people here! Lord Jesus what is going on here?

As I looked further into the crowd, I see another group of people talking amongst themselves with the bubble over their head saying, “Rockefellers.’ The funny thing is in this dream I know some of them have already been officially declared dead but here they are! The Rockefellers are talking to three men that I have identified by Internet as all tycoons George Kaiser who is a white older man with graying hair and clean shaven. A Russian white male whose middle age and also clean-shaven named German Khan and the last man is also another oil tycoon from Russia named Vagit Alekperov.

Upon closer observation of the people in this grand hall, this gathering, I recognized all these people had attached to their clothing a little device which I recognized as a universal transmitter from other dreams and visions. I begin to wonder who’s not here for this grand event, because I see men from Saudi Arabia with their Sheikh type head dresses and formal attire and lo and behold there’s Janet Jackson too!

What is this Jesus my love?” I asked questioningly. Why are all these people here from all walks of life? Even those thought dead and those who we believe are supposed to be enemies of one another. Lord I even see Donald J Trump and his wife Melania. Their son Barron Trump and Donald Trump junior. There’s also Ivanka, Donald Trump’s daughter and her husband in tow.

I asked the Lord again, “Jesus my love, what does this mean?” I look around one more time and I see Hunter Biden and Vladimir Putin. “Jesus my love, Jesus what does all this mean? Why are all these people here?” I’m still feeling very uncomfortable and uneasy. Still, I heard no answer from my lovely Jesus.

I heard a noise to my right, and I turned to see double doors. The doors are being opened. Now standing in front of them are two very tall people. They are giants…Nephilim I know in this dream.
The one is the Nephilim Sarina I have seen in at least two other prior dreams not including visions and she was working in their sprawling underground hidden facility beneath the United Nations building where she held a position of high power and authority there.

She has her fiery red hair put up in an elaborate coiffed hairdo. She is wearing a slinky, sparkly solid black dress with a split on the front side exposing her muscular shaped leg and black strappy high heel shoes. The top of the dress had diamond spaghetti type straps. Adorning her neck is a large diamond necklace with matching earrings hanging from her ear lobes.

Accompany her is a giant of a man that I haven’t seen before. He is taller than Sarina by about a foot with black straight shoulder length hair that flips out slightly at the ends. He is olive in his complexion color. He is dressed in a luxurious black tuxedo with a matching black cummerbund spanning his waist. His shirt is white with little rows of ruffles running up and down the front of his shirt. He has a small black bowtie around the expanse of his thick neck. These giants’ clothes had to be custom made I felt because of their larger size.

The crowd upon seeing them with the doors opened hushed immediately. You could have dropped a straight pin on the tile floor, and it would have sounded like a boulder crashing so quiet had the room become.

“I don’t like this,” I whispered to myself. “Jesus, my love, where are you? I don’t think I want to be here any longer.”

“Warrior daughter, my little daughter, I have not left you! I am here with you. Watch daughter. Look with eyes of discernment. Listen for you must needs share… what you see here…what parts I tell you.” “O Jesus, I’m so thankful and grateful to hear your sweet voice my love. I will do all you have told me to do in your name and with Holy Spirit, my friend’s help.” “Yes, daughter you will.”

I heard the dark-haired giant say to the crowd, “It’s time for the ceremony. You are to follow us. Each of you has been permitted for your loyalty. It is an honor to see the king crowned!” Low murmurs of agreement and excitement could be heard across the crowded elegant room.

I watched as the two Nephilim giants continue to hold open wide the double doors to the adjoining room. The people began eagerly moving into the room quickly, but slow enough as if not to shove one another. After the last person enters, I watched Sarina and the black-haired man enter and close the doors behind them. I hear a clicking sound and know the door is locked from the inside permitting no one else to enter the room.

Immediately afterwards I see armed guards filling the room dressed in black suits. Two stations themselves in front of the double doors the people just had went into while the others guarded the other doors. “Odd,” I thought, “I don’t see any windows in this room.”

“Daughter,” I heard my lovely Jesus say and I realized I needed to follow the people. I passed through the guards and doors with ease, but I was speaking the name of Jesus and pleading his blood over me the whole time.

I entered the room to find it all covered in a red glow. The people are standing and waiting for something to happen. I looked to the left and I saw a picture on the wall. It’s a drawn sun with the top half in a harvest gold color including its rays and the bottom half is in a bluish teal color. Even the rays are the same color but the ends of them in one way look like hands. But another way they look like snakeheads. I know this design. It is the logo picture for the COP 27 meeting for supposed climate change for our world. A meeting of rulers and leaders under the guise of peace.

“This can’t be good,” I thought. I muttered to myself under my breath, “I knew it was bad when I saw these people with their giant friends!” Jesus help me I prayed for the hairs on the back of my neck had started to stand up! Danger! Danger! I feel it!
I looked around quickly and then I noticed on the platform or stage it could also be called, something is rising from the center of it. It’s another raised platform with stairs on each of it. But that’s not what grabbed my attention the most!
Atop of the rising stage with stairs is a gold, gaudy decorated throne with solid red blood cushions padding the back and the seat parts of it. There upon the throne sits a lone figure. A man! He’s dressed in the finest of black elegant, luxurious evening attire except his shirt is blood red in color instead of the most common pristine white. He wears no tie of any sort.

I heard myself gasp out loud! There covering this man’s face is a mask of a very evil looking horned goat with an upside-down pentagram inside an upside-down pyramid on his forehead!

The man has both of his arms resting upon the arm rests of the throne as seemed at perfect ease even with the mask upon his face. He says nothing and moves not the least bit.

I heard a voice begin speaking to my left, but I couldn’t see anything to identify him except a blood red robe and a matching red beanie type hat upon the back of his head. “Behold your king! Our master of this world. Our new world. Our time is now! His time is now!

Murmurs of approval went through the crowd. I think I am going to be sick! I heard another noise but this time it was from my right. I can feel my mouth drop open in surprise!

There coming up the steps on the right is a black woman dressed in a very tight stretchy white pantsuit that makes it clear this is no woman. It is a man dressed as one. He has his face heavily painted like a lady’s with long fake eyelashes. He is wearing a dark long woman’s wig and is carrying a pillow in his hands. On top of the red silk pillow sits a golden crown with many points whose shape reminds me of half a sun.

The man dressed as a woman prances seductively up the steps. He then walks toward the man with the goat’s head sitting on the throne. He stops just to the right of the man’s left leg. My mouth drops open again. I see his face it is Barack Obama!
Suddenly the room fills with an almost fearful atmosphere. People begin bowing their heads reverently. I want to throw up as I plead the blood of Jesus over myself once again. I see a shadowy figure appear out of nowhere on the man’s right side where he’s sitting. So, it’s my left side facing the stage.

All of a sudden, the shadowy figure turns itself into a dazzling beautiful figure of a man that shines with a light. Yet I know it’s not a true light. It’s dulled somehow. “Jesus…Jesus…that’s satan turning into an angel of light, isn’t it?” I asked in a whisper then continued. “What are they doing here? Is this going on during the cop 27 meetings? Is that who I think it is sitting on the throne with the goat’s head on? Is that Antichrist?”

“Yes, it is my daughter of faith. It is him and yes, my love, many things will happen during this gathering of leaders that most people do not realize with many not even caring.”

I see the lighted figure of the man who I believe is satan himself pick up the golden crown with the many points. He turns to the man with the horned goat’s head mask still on and speaks in the most seductive voice I have ever heard.

“My son, my chosen one. The true savior of this world.” Then he places the crown upon the head of the man sitting on the throne between the goat’s horns of the mask. I have never been so thankful than at this moment for Jesus’ blood covering and protecting me. His voice didn’t draw me under his spell as it seemed to do everyone else.

The lighted figure of the man backed up, turned back into a shadowy figure then disappeared. The crowd was mesmerized. I heard the man in the red robe cry out loud. “Behold our king! Let our new world begin!” Cheers went up with much applaud!
“Jesus, does this mean the tribulation has begun? How is this possible if antichrist is crowned ruler and king of our world in the shadows of the underground and not above in the eyes of all the world? He is given power to rule for seven years according to your holy scripture?”

“Yes, daughter he is. He will rule for seven years but nowhere in my holy word does it say that the tribulation is only for a total of seven years alone. These seven years spoke of in the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation concerns the man of sin’s allotted time in the trying and tribulation time set aside for your world as my judgment’s hand falls hard and swift, but it is not the full days in count of the whole tribulation period spoken of in my holy word.

Know this daughter, the man of sin is soon to become the leader of your world above ground too. But privately those in power, those of fame and those in leadership have already pledge their souls and allegiance to antichrist this night. Then I awoke!


2 Corinthians11:14, Daniel 11:21, 36-37, 1 Chronicles 28:9, Proverbs, 15: 3, Job 28:24, Jeremiah 23:24, Jeremiah 16:17, 1 Timothy 4:1, John 3:19-20, Mark 4:22, Acts 2:17, Numbers 12:6, Job 33:14-16.

Bullet Points

1. I felt the coronation ceremony of antichrist was held underground and in or near Egypt.

2. I knew going into this dream that most of the people attending had traveled secretly for this crowning of their king of their new world…antichrist.

3. Jesus had confirmed what I felt that this coronation is during the COP27 meetings held between the 8th through the 18th of November.

4. This was the actual coronation of antichrist in which those in power, in positions of fame and the elite of our world will gather and pledge their allegiance and sell fully their souls to satan and the antichrist giving them their full support.

5. The public coronation of this man of sin is soon to follow upon our world in which now there will be little or no resistance as most in power or positions of authority will have pledged allegiance to him in advance.

6. satan himself crowned the man in the goat head mask showing to all this is indeed his chosen man of sin. This is antichrist. His son s to speak.

7. Barack Obama dressed as a woman; a transgender is symbolic of how far our world has fallen into sin because man laying with a man and womankind laying with another woman is an abomination as were told in Leviticus 18:22-23. This lifestyle is further condemned in Romans 1:26-28, and it is sin!

8. The transgender dressed Barack Obama also is symbolic of the final stages of our world’s moral decline and corruption and brings judgment upon those nations that justifies it!

9. The horned goat’s head is the foremost symbol of satanism since the founding of the satanic church in 1966 and its called Baphomet.

10. The upside-down pentagram on the forehead and between the eyes of the goat’s head is a symbol known for conjuring strong demons.

11. Every time I pray about the COP27 logo I hear the name Ra! Through research I was led to find Ra is the ancient diety of the sun worshipped by the Egyptians and was identified primarily with the noon day sun.

12. The sun god Ra ruled in parts of the created world, the sky, the earth and the underworld. He was the god of the sun, order, kings and the sky.

13. In some ways Ra is symbolic of the power antichrist shall have as ruler of our world when he’s fully possessed to rule over our world.

14. The COP27 meetings are being held in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt this year again making a connection with the sun god Ra.

15. If antichrist is crowned officially below the ground but not officially above ground yet, then when can still expect that it’s no longer safe for we Christians anymore except for Jesus protecting us. We can expect all persecution against us to intensify greatly. Antichrist’s hatred is not just for me but for all God’s true little children.

Also, on 1-11-22@ 10:23pm while praying I had a vision of this coronation ceremony in great detail of the ceremony itself. Lord willing, I will be sharing it shortly also so please be praying about it now and for Holy Spirit to reveal the truth of all these things in Jesus’ name to you.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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