Are We Living in The Last Hour? – Go Go Go Preach The Gospel – Monique Bizet

Sharing a word about understanding that we are living in the last hour and how crucial it is that we are preaching the eternal gospel to the lost!

Are We Living in The Last Hour? – Go Go Go Preach The Gospel

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  1. Catherine

    Most of the christians don’t pray but even most of the people, who pray don’t evangelize. They don’t understand: prayer without going to the Lost, is pregnancy without birth!
    everytime I go to the streets to speak with people, I see the Mormons, I see the Witness of Jehova but in most places of the world and in my country I seldom see believers doing the work. So I ask me: where is the church? the church is in her four walls or somewhere in the mountains or far away of the cities with garden and survival food and this and that, caring for herself because she didn’t understand: if you are not in the vineyard, you are not prepared for the time that is coming.
    If you are not occupied with the harvest, you are normally occupied with worthless things.
    If we don’t do the work now, when then?

  2. Jesse Terrell

    Thank you, Sister Monique, for the true, sincere word of GOD. GOD bless you so much!

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