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America The Transplanted Vine – Edward Umling

America The Transplanted Vine

Prophetic Word to Nation of People

August 13, 2020
Edward Umling

A Certain vine was planted by the waters; the vine was fruitful by reason of the waters. It has strong rods for scepters of those that bore rule. It’s height was exalted among the thick branches up into the clouds and was seen among all the multitude of branches.

But the vine was plucked up in God’s wrath. It was cast down to the ground; the east wind dried up its fruit. Its strong rods withered and broke off. The fire of God’s judgment consumed them.

A fire went out and consumed the vine’s fruit. And now it is transplanted in the wilderness in a dry and thirsty land. It is no longer a strong rod to be a scepter for ruling says the LORD.

America you are that vine.



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