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A Crisis To Match The Great Flood – Pollox

A Crisis To Match The Great Flood

September 5, 2021 10:11 AM

September 4, 2021

Scriptural References:
Job Chapter 24 Verse 4
“They have overturned the way of the poor and have oppressed together the meek of the earth.”
Isaiah Chapter 35: Verse 4
“Tell everyone who is discouraged. 'Be Strong And Don't Be Afraid! God is coming to your rescue.'”

The great ones of the earth have conspired to destroy most of the sons of Adam & Eve, obeying their master. They have put the ring in your noses and led you to the slaughter. Most of you are complying against My Will. You have trusted in their lies and wicked laws and argued amongst yourselves, hoping against hope all will be well in the end. Not So! Not Possible! Too Late!

It can not be so My Children, for they serve one who has wanted to destroy humanity from the moment he knew of your existence at the beginning of time and each one individually at your birth. The ones that follow him and that were thrown down out of Heaven, at the same time, are also consumed with a a hatred for humanity, as they blame you all for their fall from grace. They will not stop until the End of Time, to conspire your destruction. Their human minions, become as their diabolical masters, consumed with hate for you My Children and want to eliminate most of humanity in the planned cull.

I have held off their plans, stalled and waylaid their designs, putrid machinations and evil for ages. But you yourselves have exercised your Free Will and acquiesced to their agenda. Your silence, indifference and or agreement to their laws and dictates of Abortion, War, destruction of the Natural Law and the Ten Commandments, has forced Me to leave you to your own devices. My Hand of protection has now been lifted off the earth. The evil of mankind is now so great as to be like a magnet drawing Judgment & Wrath down upon yourselves. For My Mercy & Love are backed by Justice & Tribulation.

You want to continue to live your lives, as in the past, but the days of yester years are are gone forever. It would be better for you to pray day & night for family, friends, yourselves, loved ones, enemies, your nation, the world than to try and continue something that is finished for all time.

The obsessions of Modern Man will never be revived in My Era of Peace, that follows The Great Tribulation, I assure you. I will not allow them to fester again. And if I call you home now or in the Great Tribulation, you can take nothing of this world with you. Let go now of the plans, possessions, worldly pursuits you are transfixed with and concentrate on hearing My Voice, doing My Will, preparing in these last few moments before the Storm Of The Ages breaks over your heads. This applies to all nations, races and peoples of the world.


The wealthy West (North America & Western Europe) you have heaped up coals of fire upon yourselves and will experience a fury long overdue, for your wayward ways. But many other countries (India, Japan, all countries involved in Voodoo, Witchcraft and ancestor worship) have wallowed in following idols and false gods for millennia, that will also bring down upon themselves almost total destruction. For the false religions are the doctrines of devils! That can not deliver, nor can they hear your prayers for they are only metal, wood or painted paste (cardboard/carton pate).

I AM Will No Longer Wait For A Fallen Humanity To Return To My Arms! It Is Finished! Repent Now Or Be Lost Forever!


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