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“2025” – MJ


October 5, 2020 10:53 AM


Last night I was heavily attacked in my sleep. Whether it was Electromagnetic Radiation Frequencies or purely spiritual, I am not sure. I got up at 2am and opened my Bible and began to pray and enter into spiritual warfare. I could feel the oppression. During this month of October the evil ones will be busy casting spells and witchcraft and we as the children of the Most High must be engaged in spiritual warfare and using our authority in the name of Christ to battle. After I went back to sleep, the Lord gave me understanding in a dream that I will share:

In my dream I saw that Trump was dead. Whether or not from “Covid” I wasn’t shown. I saw that Pence became the President but then he too died, shortly after taking office. Very shortly. The fear of pandemic and disease was far greater than it is now. Everyone was deathly afraid of each other that they would get themselves sick. Then I saw another Presidential election race (possibly in 2024?) but the elections never came to pass. At that point I heard, “2025.”


I firmly believe God is showing us that were are very close to the start of the events known as Jacob’s Trouble. Possibly a few years away. I believe the evil ones’ plan is to keep the world in a fear-based pandemic state for the next five years. With more trauma-based fear conditioning, pushing facemasks and vaccines and getting people to become more afraid of each other. Seeing one more Presidential race after the one we are seeing now and hearing the numbers 2025 makes me firmly believe that around that time the U.S. will cease from being what it is now. There will be no more Presidents and the Antichrist will assume his role as the ruler of the whole earth and the final 3 and 1/2 years of the Great Tribulation will begin. That would mean that Christ’s physical return to earth would be sometime around 2028. I have seen other people mention a timeline of 2021-2028 for the 7 year tribulation. I am not setting dates, just thinking about my dream. Please everyone take this to prayer.



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