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Ms. Sophie

Friday August 18, 2017


Daughter, write these words down.

I have been long suffering far too long with a nation of peoples that continually mock Me, ridicule those I have chosen to warn, and continue to wallow in their sins expecting a heavenly reward at the end of their days. Like a pig to slop, those who remain in their unrepentant state and continue in sin will seal their destiny to the lake of fire. You will not receive everlasting life nor enter into My Kingdom. You forget this will be your “eternity” yet you choose to live in your filth for momentary pleasure.

Now is the time and the season that I am giving you what you wanted. A ruler steeped in abominations who cares only about his pleasures, his rulership. He will destroy anyone who will not bow to him and give him the worship he will demand. Your “man of the hour” is about to come forth. You loved him in 2008 so I am giving him to you again. My children, Obama was a liar and deceiver then and a partaker of many abominations-detestable things. Your Prince will be responsible for horrors unspeakable. The Son of Perdition has no conscience, will show no mercy and will slaughter as many as he can until My return.

You will cry and say “Why is God doing this to us?” Many will blame I AM yet wasn’t it I that has repeatedly told you to return to Me? I DID NOT REJECT YOU! YOU HAVE REJECTED ME IN THIS NATION!

You love your sexual sins, your mammon, your false gods, your diviners, your “feel good” preachers, your hatred of one another when all come from Me, your debauchery, corruption, bribes, lies. You embrace the enemy’s ways by accepting homosexuality, by teaching My little ones that the gender they were born is not whom they are. I MADE MAN IN MY IMAGE! I MAKE NO MISTAKES!!!!

You accept abortion and kill my unborn and as you shed their blood, blood shall be shed in this nation. I, Jehovah, give life and no man has been given the right to take the life of any of My babies. My unborn cry out to Me and I will avenge all of them! You are about to reap what you have sown.

My anger is kindled against you, O’America. You have not walked in My ways, My statutes. You have disregarded My eternal laws. I have warned over and over again. You refuse to repent and you are soon to experience the Fear of God! I, The Prince of Peace, offered you peace, rest, joy and freedom in Me. Instead you desire all the lusts that are not of Me. My offer still stands for those who will repent but do not think for one second that I cannot see right through you. A contrite heart I will not deny and this is true but all liars will burn. You continue to test the Creator of heaven and earth.

You have forgotten I raise Kings up and I take Kings down. I bless nations that follow My commands, My laws. I curse nations that disobey and reject Me. You are a cursed nation, O’America. I will never and have never blessed any nation that walks in what I detest. Your idols are about to fall.

Your Prince, Obama will soon carry out his plans and strip you of all your luxuries, freedoms, your material possessions. You desire to live as you wanted, to do as you please instead of desiring to live and please THE GREAT I AM so I give you your heart’s desire now-Barack Obama.

You will fall for his lies once again of peace as if he can save you. He can save no one. My power is far greater than the Father of lies. He is the prophesied one that will finish the demise of this nation.

You have witnessed the love of God throughout this nation and even though My fury is great, I will still pour out My love during the darkest days. My light will shine bright through My end time warriors. There will be miracles, healings, many lost shall be found, mercy on those who never knew Me. You are about to head into the darkest of the darkest times yet witness the love of Your Savior as never before! All who cry out to Me then and repent I will save. Children, I must tell you, this will be your last time to return to Me. At My Return, it will be too late then to repent!

I, Your Father, must be stern in my last warnings to you. I love all My children, each one of you and I truly desire none perish. Choose Me and live. Choose to follow Obama and you will die and not receive eternal life. Remember, My Children, he will return looking different for he must come in under the ultimate plan of deception. DO NOT be fooled. The one you will see is Obama behind the mask. As the Son of Perdition he can masquerade himself. Eyes open children! His beauty will overwhelm but do not be taken in by it. Evil as never seen before is behind that face!

Well, My children, I have told you much. There is not much more I can say. You have been told, you have been warned. My kingdom will have no end. Come drink from the fountain of living waters.

Soon you will see My prophets, watchmen have not lied to you. Life will soon change in an instant. Get ready!

I am eternal. Will you accept My offer and be eternally Mine?

My everlasting love,


Read Daniel 7 through 12.

Read Hosea Chapter 4 and replace Israel and put America there as you read it.

(Given 8/18/2017 to Ms. Sophie)

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