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Stephen Hanson

He who loves transgression loves strife; He who raises his door seeks destruction. Proverbs 17:9

“You stand upon a threshold oh land. For the winds will blow across your land and the demise will rapidly come to bring about a change. For your world is about to be turned upside down. For you are split between two extremes, and it is uncertain to you whether up is down or down is up.

When you gaze out upon the landscape around you, what do you see? I’ll tell you: It is a land of deep unrest; it is a land torn between two extremes. It is a land that longs for a shepherd; one that would carry it in its arms.

You are entering into a new dimension. For no longer will your leaders listen to your plight, for they have their own agendas in mind now. But you are torn in half, for your factions are rapidly deteriorating and bringing about your demise. Your king will do what is right in his own mind. Do you think that the rest of the world is not watching? For they have planned in secret, and the time will come; in fact that time is accelerating, when the Bear and the Dragon will be joining forces.

But I will be with those who put their faith and trust in Me. You must not lean unto your own understanding but find your answers only in Me. I AM He that has called you.

Thus would say the Spirit of the Lord.”

Stephen Hanson

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  1. Ireland Marie Johannson

    Tsunamis are coming that will change America and the world forever.

    East Coast – The Kali image on the Empire State Building led to the pink lights of the Gov. Cuomo live birth abortion laws for the fetal tissue the elites want. Jeremiah 51 says, “The sea shall come up over Babylon.” Look at a map of Long Island. There are three towns: West Babylon, North Babylon and Babylon. The tsunami will hit off of the Captree Basin. There was a warning with Hurricane Sandy in 2012, which hit very close to Babylon. 

    West Coast – After the trial of The Two in San Francisco for recording (undercover) the sale of aborted body parts. Instead of stopping this wickedness, the full weight of the state and federal government is coming against the journalists who revealed this abomination. We have learned that live aborted still-beating hearts of babies from abortions were used at Stanford University Medical School for “research.”



    After the trial in San Francisco of The Two is completed, the tsunamis will come. There will be a world-wide earthquake that shakes the entire globe. There has never been an earthquake like this. The scientists won’t be able to blame it on “climate change.” 

    The U.S. dollar will collapse. Saudi Arabia  and the U.S.-Saudi petrodollar will be judged for funding ISIS in Syria to kill Christians. You can see this curse in action with the failed Saudi Aramco IPO, the emerging 9/11 lawsuit of the surviving families, the loss of the war in Yemen (with the terrible famine and cholera) and Kashoggi live-murder revelations. 

    If you look on, many, many prophets are having these tsunami dreams. (And global earthquake dreams.) Black people. White people. People in Australia. People all over the world. 

    Sandy, Rita, Katrina, the 2004 Asian Tsunami and Fukushima were all warnings.

    Pray and fast. Come out of the world. Look at all of the failed face surgeries. Look at the iPhone addiction. People are tainted. Hollywood is losing its power. America is losing its power. People are being turned into robots. God must shake the world, literally. If God does not do this, almost everyone in the world will go to hell.

    After the global earthquake and tsunamis on America’s East Coast and West Coast, millions will turn to God, Jesus Christ and the Angels while on their hands and knees in shock and in repentance. 

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