Destruction, Vision, War


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December 14, 2022
Ranteba Piete
South Africa 🇿🇦

Suddenly we saw one huge military tanker,with soldiers dressed in war combat pass in the road.
It made so much noise,that it caught everyone’s attention. We all wondered what a huge war tanker could be doing on our roads! The tanker passed and all was quiet again for a few minutes. Then we heard a really loud explosion like a bomb,the sound was above us.

When we looked,we saw a very strange creature in the sky. From its head to the lower part of its body,It looked like a really huge horse,cream white in color. But on top it had a huge opening on the part where the horse’s back is supposed to be.
The opening created a big space inside the horse,making it possible for someone to stand inside the “horse” The edges of this opening were covered in really long porcupine quills,all bent to point downwards towards the earth.

Inside this humongous “horse” I saw a rider dressed up in ancient army combat, with a metalic army helmet and dark armour consisting of some kind of breastplate with small sharp things that looked like steel nails all over,while the arms and the top of his hands were all covered up in metallic armour.

In one of his hands,this rider had a long instrument that looked like a spear to use to attack,but at the same time this instrument was being used to guide his “horse” where to go. In his other hand I saw that he had explosive weapons, like bombs which he kept throwing to the earth.

They were the source of the noise we had heard earlier. The entire sky was lit up with bombs exploding everywhere that this rider kept throwing.
I saw the bombs landing on different parts of the earth causing massive destruction.

Behind this rider and his horse,I noticed that there were many more coming. They all were riding these humongous horse-like creatures with the porcupine quills and the riders all stood inside and carried the long spears and throw bombs all over the earth using the other hand! I noticed that similar “horses” and their riders were coming from all sides and were quickly covering the sky.

Bombs kept falling all around us and were barely missing us! The riders looked ruthless, and urged their “horses” to go faster. Bombs landed everywhere exploding. Everyone was panicking and I knew we had to find a safe place.

I knew we couldn’t hide inside the nearby shops because I saw bombs landing on the shops and destroying everything. I knew this army could still find us inside the shops.

And I knew that what was happening here was happening everywhere, that even if we ran to the ocean, it would still be there. The “horses” with their riders were quickly covering the entire sky.

I got my husband’s hand,and with my other hand I pulled the other people we were with.
I told them,”come!We need to hide!We need to find a safe place!” But I knew there was no safe shelter we could find anywhere. I knew the only shelter we could have was Jesus!

We were just standing in open space, and explosives were still falling all around us,causing fires on buildings and everything else. I knew that we didn’t need to run away.That we just needed to stand still right where we were,in the open space and that Jesus would put a canopy over our heads and protect us from this army and all the destruction happening around us.

So I was still holding my husband’s hand and i was pulling these people to come but everyone was panicking because explosive sounds were all around us,huge fires were burning where the bombs were falling, and the army kept coming towards us.

Everyone was panicking and trying to run away to find a hiding place. As I pulled the people I was with, urging them to come to where i stood,i looked up at the exploding bombs and I began singing, “You are my hiding place, You always fill my heart with songs of deliverance……….”

The vision ended.

The thing God planted in my heart after this is;
Destruction is coming and things on earth will not continue as they are right now.

We must not get so comfortable, there’s destruction coming. The only hiding place from the destruction that will come upon the earth is Jesus and the time to hide is now!

If you are not in Jesus, when the time of destruction comes,all you will want to do is to run to save your soul,but you will not be able to,you will be destroyed.

But if you are in Jesus you will be safe.You won’t even have to panic,you will be safe. Jesus is the most secure place we can be. The bible says satan comes to steal,kill,and destroy, but Jesus has come to give us life,and life in abundance.
The only time we have to find that secure hiding place is now!

We need to stay close to Jesus now when everything is okay,so when destruction strikes, we will be found in Him. This is the time we are supposed to be seeking Jesus much more than ever. We need to be very watchful,prayerful, and to pray and fast. We need to seek God while He can be found. Let us hide in Jesus and in that day that destruction strikes, it will never touch us.

But it is important to note that we need to consecrate ourselves to the Lord.
Jesus wants everyone to be saved,but He won’t accept you if you want to stay in your sin.
You can’t live in sin and belong to Jesus.
You must be purified, set apart for the King of Glory.

It is the Holy Spirit who helps us to be holy.
Without Him,we will always fail. This is why the bible says we must be born of water and of the Spirit(Baptism of the Holy Spirit) On our own,no matter how much we try, we can never be Holy.
So we need to seek God and ask Him to fill us with His Holy Spirit.

Stay close to Jesus because destruction is coming but if you are in Jesus, you will be safe.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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