You are at The End – Sister Devin

Sister Devin

Received on August 19th, 2018

You are at The End

“Thus saith THE LORD THY GOD, there is no more time. The judgments have begun. You will reap what you have sown. I AM coming. I AM coming for My Bride. The ones who love Me, the ones who long for My arrival. The ones who have died to themselves. The ones that live for Me. The ones that do not want to be apart of this world. The ones that can no longer take the evil of this world, for I AM their King, for they have not denied Me. I died for ALL and have been rejected by most. You will regret this choice. This choice that sealed your fate. You rejected My Love and now you will see My wrath. The wicked will fall, the unrepentant will perish and be cast into hellfire. Then you will ask yourself “Why didn’t I just listen? Why didn’t I just repent?” I say to you, you WILL say these things. I AM the One who died on the cross so that you could have everlasting life but you choose death. You choose death!!! You do NOT know what you have done. Your pride has blinded you. You will NEVER get another chance to repent and know My Love. You were told many times to repent. You are going to regret your decision and it can NOT be reversed once you leave your physical state. Please get on you knees NOW My children. You ARE at the end. Accept Me and I will save you!
Yeshua, King of kings and Lord of lords.“

The Lord gave Matthew 10:6

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