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Yes. It’s The Mark of Lucifer = Satan The Beast – Michelle Katherine Orts

Yes. It’s The Mark of Lucifer = Satan The Beast

Rhema Confirming Word from Jesus’ Holy Spirit

October 22, 2021 11:20 AM
Michelle Katherine Orts

Tuesday, September 28th 2021

Jesus’ Holy Spirit has indeed spoken that

“the mRNA (soon to become DNA) shots are the precursor to, and will soon become, the actual, Mark of The Beast spoken of in the Bible. Luciferase and Luciferin are in the mRNA shots. Lucifer is The Beast’s Satan’s Name.”

The US Patent number filed for the mRNA shot has been filed and is 060606.

#PROOF #Patent #060606 is the cryptocurrency technology contained within the mRNA shots which contain bio sensors and quantum technology:


The Beast’s Image (Satan’s DNA=Satan’s SEED) is contained within the shot with Satan’s Fallen Angel DNA mingled with murdered baby blood and tissue immortalized by fermantens incognito mycoplasma, the original humanus wildstrain.


Mycoplasma is an alien species all on its own and is smaller than bacteria or any viruses. Jesus’ Holy Spirit has shown me that it originated from The Fallen Angels. Mycoplasma is an intracellular obligatory parasite which hijacks every cell that it enters and commandeers it to reproduce more of itself. Mycoplasma (plasma=blood) causes immortalization in all cells it is mixed with whether plant, animal or human as long as it is fed and maintained. This alien species life form will live indefinitely as long as it in the proper environment to promote its survival.

The Bible is clear that these days will be as the days of Noah when The Fallen Angels mingled their DNA with human females. The Lord Jesus Rebuke every lying and deceiving spirit. I plead THE BLOOD OF JESUS UPON MY ONLINE EFFORTS and UPON ALL MY FRIENDS, MY FAMILY, MY FOREVER FAMILY AND UPON ALL THE ENTIRE BODY OF CHRIST JESUS. IN JESUS’ MIGHTY NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES. AMEN.-

Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove and wife to husband Reverend David Orts

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