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Worship Not The Beast – Patti Young

Worship Not The Beast

10/19/2019 7:37 PM
Patti Young

I will stir the nation’s oh ye inhabitants. Conflict has arisen, higher and higher. Conflict, then war then famine, much tribulation to come. There is no ease, only in Zion where my people are called, my habitation within them. They themselves know they are nothing and know without me they can do nothing. Oh how these have longed for me, longed for the days to come when I inhabit and walk among them. While there will be darkness, even darker days ahead in the land, I will be the only light among my people. Oh Jezebel, the deciever, the deception whom under many remain. Take up your swords now all ye people, you inhabitants in the land, victory shall now come only unto these who know my name, who sought my face and endured my times of testings. Worship not the beast, worship not the beast the voices will soon cry out among the heathen in the nations, worship not the beast, for my time is now come, I AM the deliverer of my people.

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