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Woe to you America – Krystal Beall

Woe to you America

September 11, 2020
Krystal Beall

Woe to you America. Woe. Woe. Woe. Deception has filled your nation and with it you have become drunk. America looks nothing like me. Sounds nothing like me. Fallen. Fallen. Fallen. America you are fallen. I was rejected in your nation. I have prepared destroyers for America, Yes even now they are in the midst of thee. Howl and wail. Lament America. Dress America in sackcloth and ash. Lamentations fill the air. Death fills the streets.

Come out from among them. COME OUT OF THE WORLD. MY KINGDOM IS NOT OF THIS WORLD. I BLESS NO NATION WHOM HAS REJECTED ME BUT CURSE IT. Cursed it I have. How many are blind and deaf. How many know me not. I weep. Yes..weep. Vengeance is mine. I will repay.

Fire. Much much fire. I tear down this abomination called America from before me. Slain she lays. Yea, America ye are desolate. Your streets flow with blood as a river. You receive the burial of an ass. The destruction is an act of my mercy, judgment and vindication. I will no man to perish but all to repent and come to knowledge of truth.

I AM the WAY. The TRUTH. The LIFE. I have spoken in my love and mercy. I have warned. It is written. Thus it is. DESTRUCTION. YE CAN NOT FATHOM THE DESTRUCTION OF IT ALL. No man in office has or will change anything. I vomit. Lawlessness is rampant. Your education system is not of me. Foolishness. Vanity. As poison and led to the slaughter. When will you awaken!!!!? HARKEN!!!!! Deception is deep and thick. The fallen away has occured. Do you not see? Ye know me not!!! Sin upon sin. Love for this world and trust in man wounds me. As nails in my hands and feet, A crown of thorns upon my head, lashings of my flesh, a sword in my heart. Pierced. Crucified.

America….What have ye done? I shall make an end of America. I shall make America a desolation. Yea even now have I. Grown men shall beat their breasts and wail towards the sky, shaking fists ” We have REJECTED the LORD our GOD, Woe to us.” Ye can not hide oh man. Come forth and stand. You have corrupted and desecrated my garden. I hung upon the tree, Yea the cross, bearing the sin of man in my body. Forgiveness. Come now let us reason together. How many would not. Woe. Look unto me and be saved all the ends of the earth, For I AM GOD and there is none else. I have loved you with an everlasting love, yea with kindness have I drawn thee.

I have increased the darkness, even now I increase it to depths never before seen and never will be again. A sign of mourning. Rejoice all whom love and desire me. Rejoice all whom long to be where I AM, with me in the place I have prepared for you. I AM faithful. I AM true. I AM not a man that I would lie. Fear not. Take heart. I have overcome the world. My faithful, Called, Chosen and redeemed little flock it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Ye shall eat and be satisfied. There is good for all whom love me. Faith. Not sight. With all of you whom have denied yourself, Picked up your cross and are following me, Remaining faithful unto me, bearing the pain with me, drinking of my cup among the mockery and scorn, rejoice for truly I tell you, Great are your rewards. I work all things for good. I have. I have made all things new. Trust me.

Woe America. I can not say it enough. I have warned. Warning after warning. All nation’s that forget me are turned into hell. America is hell before me. The burning of America shall increase and the moon shall be turned to blood and the sun shall not give it’s light. Creation in mourning. Woe to any and all whom are in a gross web of deception that I have placed, Risen up, appointed any man in any office for good. Woe. Deceived. Your nation is finished. IT IS FINISHED AMERICA. YOU ARE A NATION THAT HAS FORSAKEN AND REJECTED JESUS. Abased most severe. Whom I love I rebuke and chasten. Be zealous therefore and repent. To my faithful, weary and longing souls. Look up. Watch. I know. I hear. I listen. I bear witness to all that you have sown. Reap. Taste and see that I, the LORD AM good. My people shall never be ashamed. I AM with you always.

Never will I leave or forsake you. Rest in my promise, Yea and Amen. Faith that I have healed and RESTORED you beyond all you could ever pray, hope for or fathom. I will destroy in my mercy and resurrect in my love. All things new. Rise up. Live. Garden restored. Land of milk and honey flowing without cease. A white stone. A new name. A heart of flesh.


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  1. Hannah Silver

    Ms. Beall, did you not prophecy an “unnoticed” famine and that a massive force would invade the US from the North in August, resulting in the complete destruction of the country? I documented it. I just want to hear your response.

    • CKd

      Hannah Silver,

      You said:
      “Ms. Beall, did you not prophecy an “unnoticed” famine and that a massive force would invade the US from the North in August, resulting in the complete destruction of the country? I documented it.”

      What exactly did you document? If you are making an accusation against someone who claims to hear from God thereby destroying the credibility of their messages, why not explain yourself with the proof that you have discovered to make such an accusation?

      The first part of your question “did you not prophecy an “unnoticed” famine” is actually a logical fallacy called “appeal to ignorance” which doesn’t prove anything except that you don’t know something.

      2020 is proving to be one of the most challenging growing seasons in modern times. Covid has severely affected both animal and crop production. Fires do not help and early snow also doesn’t help. Also there has been a severe spread of locusts around the world that have devastated millions of acres of crops. The derecho in Ohio also devastated millions of acres of farmland. Hurricanes Laura has damaged crops in the affected region. To make matters worse most people don’t see any of this happening right in front of their eyes so I guess that would make it an “unnoticed” famine don’t you think?

      10 Million Acres of Crops damaged by Ohio derecho:

      Coronavirus pandemic will cause global famines of ‘biblical proportions,’ UN warns:

      Bay Area farms scramble to save summer harvest after wildfires singe critical infrastructure

      Wildfires Across Northern California Devastate Farmers and Farmland

      Hurricane Laura Threatens Arkansas’ Crops

      Apocalyptic Pests: Locust Swarms Hit Asia And South America, Affecting Millions

      The Biblical locust plagues of 2020

      Bible coming to life? Locusts ‘plague’ Middle East, Asia, Africa

      A Third of the U.S. Faces Drought

      The second part of your remark “a massive force would invade the US from the North in August” is just untrue as far as I can tell. The recent prophecy from Krystal Beal that mentions an invasion from the north is “Fire falls” She makes no mention of an invasion happening in August. She does say: “From the north comes a most destructive for(force?).” No mention of time-frame.

      Many prophecies speak of the “north” invading the U.S. For those who don’t know these prophecies of the north are talking about Russia. You’ll need to do your own research and check prophecies from Dumitru Duduman and Henry Gruver.

      Why do I care to respond? Because as of this writing 1779 people have viewed this prophecy and have made a choice to believe or not believe what has been said. If there is reason not to believe then by all means the alarms should be sounded by the testimony of two or three witnesses(2 Cor 13:1), and that prophet should not be feared.(Deut 18:22) But if the prophecy is true then the one that makes a false accusation becomes a false witness and as the Word of God states, “you shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”(Exodus 20:16)

      My hope is that by reading this comment the next 1700 people that read this prophecy can rightly discern what they read without the confusion from a false testimony.


      • Julie

        CKd I would like to give you a round of applause for your response to Hannah Silver. She comments on quite a lot of prophecies, implying the person is not hearing from the Lord, but never providing any real evidence.

        It was religious people who falsely accused Jesus and his followers before, so I am not surprised that is the case today as well.

    • tom

      Duduman prophecied that America would be invaded after being severely weakened through economic collapse, civil war, and natural calamities, so by these accounts probably the latter half of the decade closer towards 2030. By that time Americas enemies will have the military firepower to contend with the US. China, now a wealthy world power, now has money to spend on rapid military expansionism. And given the large amount of debt the US has accrued it is only a matter of time before the bubble bursts and the economy crashes. It could even happen sooner and God may have not reveal clearly the exact timing to His prophets, but this person has said nothing to suggest they are a false prophet. Blessings.

  2. Tim

    To any who will listen,

    First, to Krystall, thank you for sharing this word with us, for I know in my heart it is absolutely true.

    Over the past months, I have read many people question “Why America?”, or “Why JUST America?”. Well, I’ll say this, it’s not JUST America – but, America first and foremost!! Read about Mystery Babylon and the Harlot – the WHOLE WORLD has drunk from HER CUP!!!

    Two days ago, on the 19th anniversary of the 9/11 cold-blooded murder of 3000 souls, we honored the victims in many different ways. Yet, I could only watch a little bit of this on TV, and I had to stop, because I could not stand to hear the lies, deliberate deception, and hypocracy of the “leaders” from the “hallowed halls” of our government {Tim: I borrowed from a Nancy Pelosi quote from a few months ago that just sickened me!}, and their media mockingbirds who both “mirror AND mock” their lies and partial truths. They truly believe in, but also ACTIVELY DEMONSTRATE the principles of “divide and conquer”. Why would they do this?? Are we believers not called to “BE as one Body, in Christ”?? But, these people want us to SERVE THEM, and NO ONE ELSE – in particular, NOT GOD!!

    Read your Ten Commandments, because we mistakenly disobey the first two every day! Dig deeper into the meaning of “worship”, especially into its oldest meanings. God does NOT change, but WE CERTAINLY DO, and this includes changing the meanings of many words that we nowadays totally take for granted! Why would this be done? To DECEIVE the MASSES, “the SHEEP, who WANDER aimlessly, grazing carelessly on the grass, while the WOLF lurks nearby awaiting an easy kill.”

    I could go on with MUCH greater length on that subject, but instead will go on to the real point, because this LEADS DIRECTLY to this word from the Lord which Krystall has shared.

    I have included a link to a website run by a man named Christopher Bollyn. He is an excellent researcher, and has exhaustively researched the events of 9/11, and all the associated happenings and links to other people and events both pre-and-post-9/11.

    When it happened, I too believed what I saw with my own eyes. I remember where I was, and how I found out about it. But, eventually, I started to realize that there are too many inconsistencies and started doing my own research. The more I read, the more horrified I became. As the Lord began waking me up from “MY slumber” five years ago, I started realizing that 9/11 was just “a BRANCH” on a much LARGER “tree of true evil”.

    Many know that the churches are deceived and “judged first”, but few perceive why, or to what degree.
    I’ll simply leave it with this – does anyone believe they could knock down a two-inch diameter sapling by slamming an aluminum can into it? Of course not, even such a tiny tree is much more sturdy than an aluminum can! Yet, we believe that a 50-ton (empty; max weight fully-fueled roughly 100-tons) aluminum airplane, with aluminum wings a few inches thick, could breach 20″ wide by 35″ deep rectangular beams made of 2″ thick structural steel, placed on 40″ centers, and leave HUGE, GAPING holes as wide as the two jets’ wingspans. The wingspan of a 757 is about 150 feet – so we are to believe that each jet sliced through roughly 30 or more such beams???? I think not!

    So, I ask you who will hear, WHO IS the evil one??? Why ARE WE to place NO FALSE GODS before Him??? When will we FINALLY hear His Voice, and stop looking to the “other one”????

    For more info into the truth about 9/11, please go to this excellent link below. This truth is coming out soon, as is ALL TRUTH – it is WHY “ALL eyes shall mourn.”

    I pray for all.

    A brother.

  3. Israel

    Blessed be the name of the Lord.

  4. Veli T

    Please warn Brooklyn Tabernacle Church in N.Y. (Wilkerson started) – What about Europe. I live in Finland, so please Pray salvation also to our people.

    How to ” prep” here in Europe? Food? I think that worldwide
    famine is coming.

    Veli T

    • Joel Carter

      Times Square Church was founded by David Wilkerson. God Almighty told him to buy the old theater and transformed it into the church. I know that because I attended that church from the year 1993 to early 2000s. I know that the woman who is the deaf ministry leader have changed into the witch. How do I know? I noticed that a Satanic star around her neck. She had not forgave me and have caused me to suffer extreme harm. She condemned me to Hell and placed me into poverty through the black magic. She and other deaf ministry staff send me to the Hell at November of the year 2007. Thank God that He pulled me out of the Hell to the surface of the Earth. I was dead for the short time and God restored me to life. Guys, please forgive each other.

  5. Catherine

    Veli T, if America falls, the world falls. Don’t ask. God gave us a healthy mind to think. So many said also in this webside what to do.

  6. Matthew

    Brothers and Sisters, what does it mean by number 66 not 666?

  7. Daniel Noah

    See, Dr Judy Wood’s (professor of engineering) “A Refutation Of The official Collapse Theory” !st off; The melting point for Steel requires a base temperature of 2,7000 degrees F. JPL 6 jet fuel will not burn beyond 1,700 degrees. and yet,there were pools of molten steel, running out of upper floors of the Twin Towers…like water. Which bespeaks of the use of nano-thermite(burns at 4,000 degrees F) for that causation…pre-set within the Towers, , prior to the 911 charade.

    2nd point, made by Dr. Judy Wood, “You can have pancaking or dustification…just not both. With dustification (Obvious), there is no substance/ kinetic energy, which is necessary to pile drive the floors.” A directed energy weapon from a space based platform.

    3rd point: Donald Rumsfeld(Defense Secretary) went before congress, which wanted the spread sheet on 2.7 Trillion of taxpayer money…The area within the pentagon where these records are stored was stated by Rumsfeld. Guess where the missile- disguised to look like a plane- hit the Pentagon?

    4th point: Weeks prior to the staged attacks and crashes, certain people placed 100 million ‘put’ orders on American and United airlines…there was talk in the print media about getting to the bottom of this outrage…The Justice Dept. were complicit in stone-walling and obviously not prosecuting same. Hundreds of millions of dollars were made on this inside side bet.

    A criminal cabal runs our government/world. Jesus has no other option than to burn it down. See you in the sky Tim. Although, the USA could go the route of Sodom and Gomorrah ….prior to the rapture and the 7 yr. Tribulation. …USA is Babylon in Revelation 18, while Revelation 17 is Rome. There are about a dozen other points, but suffice to say, this is enough to get the gist of things. Daniel IHS

    • Tim

      Daniel, you mentioned a key point about the discrepancies in “their” story – the low burning temperature of jet fuel (sounds exotic, yet is really glorified KEROSENE) as opposed to the much higher melting point of steel.

      Bollyn has an interesting article within that link called “The mysterious final load from the WTC” in which he states that records show that a 50-cubic yard special container was ordered and brought there to take away a load of “Hazardous Waste”. He speculates that it was the SOLIDIFIED steel core, taken away to some obscure location – again getting rid of all the evidence.

      I pray that all would awaken from the sleep of which Jesus spoke – you see it, but I know that most people do not. Pray for all, be humble, repentant, and “feed His sheep”.

      God bless you, Daniel.

      Your brother,

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