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December 26, 2020
Krystal Beall

Woe to America. Woe to you. I AM beyond grieved and moved to wrath. Your nation has rejected me. I Am pained to look upon America.
Devestated to behold America.

I have warned and warned. Warned America devestation unlike any witnessed before is upon you. You have REJECTED me. All of America should be with their faces to the floor and repenting for this great evil of rejecting me. Weep and wail, Howl and lament America. Sackcloth and ash. YOU KNOW NOT THE DEVESTATION OF IT ALL. America is fallen and defiled, looking nothing like me.

You have broken my heart oh wicked and rebellious house. Vengance is mine. I will repay. My heart is sore grieved. I mourn. I was rejected in America. Why is it that your celebration of man and of the world continue? Do you think I find joy in beholding this? Nay I tell you. Nay. Deception abounds. I am so angry and grieved. You have treated me as a foe. My soul is in travail and I am pained to be delivered. I AM devestated by all that I behold.

America too is devestated yet a greater devestation is in the midst of thee one that you shall not escape. When the atrocity is shown you; men will beat their breasts, wailing in the ash covered streets. We have rejected the LORD. You carry on like all is well. As in the days of Noah. Eating. Drinking. Marrying. Given in marriage. Deceived.

I grieve as your nation has rejected me. I find no joy and pleasure. Deep pain of my pierced heart. DEVESTATION IS UPON AND IN YOU. DEVESTATION. You took my most precious fruit and have caused me the most profound of suffering. Who among you desires the revelation of it all? Who? Tears roll down my face. My eyes set ablaze. Destruction America. I have had my fill. DESTRUCTION as an act of my love, Mercy, correction and purification. I AM HOLY. BE HOLY. Without Holiness no man shall see me.

I AM pained and great great pain is to grip America and not relent. I AM doing this and no man. Fire and water devestation. Your house has left you desolate. WOE TO A NATION WHO HAS REJECTED ME. WOE. Woe. Many woes. You are a stench to me America. You have taken from me. DEVESTATION. DESTRUCTION. Desolation. You have PIERCED my heart America. You are a blind, lost and most wicked nation. Defiled and you look like the world. You walk, talk and live as the world.

I will have a Holy people unto myself. I will reap the harvest I suffered and suffer for. You can not fathom my agony. My great anger. I AM pained by America alone for a reason that man is blind to. I have warned. With great pain as a woman in travail, destruction is poured out on a nation that has cast me out. Weep America. Weep you most evil nation. WEEP.

I AM love and I AM just. You look and sound nothing like me. Tears. Many tears America. Tears to match mine. Not an hour for celebration but of affliction and lamenting. Man’s ways shall burn before him. Seek truth and live. I AM TRUTH. I AM the WAY. I AM the life. It is finished. Faith not sight. Trust me. Faithful. True. All things new.

Fear not my little flock. Fear not. It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. All things new. I can not look upon a nation that has REJECTED me and smile. I look upon America and I feel GREAT pain and anger grip me. I despise your celebrations. What has caused you this pain and anger LORD? Did something greater happen JESUS that we do not know and understand? YES!!!! Woe to you America. Woe. As a woman with child who can not escape her hour, I AM. You are America. You have saddened me most profoundly. Look up. Behold. It is finished.



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