WHO AM I? – Ruth Johnson


Nov 22, 2019, 7:30 PM
Ruth Johnson
I AM coming in the clouds
Everyone will see
I AM shining a bright light
On all humanity
I AM riding a white horse
Blood is dripping off of Me
A double edged sword
Proceeds from Me
A vast horde of Holy Angel’s
Follow after Me
Awaiting My command
To set the captives free
A darkness will befall the land
Due to lack of light from Me
Once I walked among you
Once I taught in Person
It is written in the Books
Maybe you could look.
I AM the One that will
Trample out the grapes
I AM the One that will
Wield the scythe
I AM the One that separates
Death from life
I AM the One that sent the flames
On Pentecost that day
I AM the One that set the stones
So My Temple would not sway
I AM the One that bound the devil
And covered up his eyes
I AM the One that has the Key
The Key that shuts
The Key that opens
I AM the Keeper of the pit
The Commander of myriads
The Brightest Star
The King of Kings
The Lord of Lords.
I AM your Friend
I AM your Brother
I AM your Savior
There is no other.


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