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Chances for Survival in a Fleshly Body, Will Be Limited – LynL

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Chances for Survival in a Fleshly Body, Will Be Limited

June 26, 2024


Each of us try our best to separate ourselves from the things that are not of God. Deep down, we know what is right, what is wrong, what is unhealthy for our bodies and what we need to stay away from.
But yet we are drawn, by our flesh, right to them.
Try to make an effort to change, for your flesh, will not hold up with the things that are coming upon the Earth.
You must be well rooted in me, for changes will be plentiful, but chances for survival, in a fleshly body, will be limited.

Poem: Heal That Hole (Given same day by Holy Spirit)

Greatness occurs when love abounds
From the inside out, is where the heart starts
With the rhythm, with the pace, we are still in the race
Giving love to all that surrounds.

Damaged mother, sickly son, we now repair what’s been done
Sin eats away at souls, now we will repair that hole
Holes of regret, holes of remorse,
For sin has laid an evil course
Change your ways, to heal your soul
I will be there, to heal that hole


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