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What God is saying about the Coronavirus, the Locust Plague and the World Famine that began 1.16.20 – Rachel Baxter

What God is saying about the Coronavirus, the Locust Plague and the World Famine that began 1.16.20

March 4, 2020
Rachel Baxter

In this video, I share the prophetic picture of what the Lord has shown me related to the Coronavirus, the plague of locusts that is raging across Northern Africa and the beginning of the time of famine the Lord has decreed which began January 16th, 2020.

Transcript (auto-generated)

so the topic of the coronavirus I think
it’s on
pretty much everyone’s mind at least to
some degree in heart across the world
and you know there’s just a tremendous
amount of fear that’s being generated
and fear is just never from the Lord and
so I’ve been just asking them Lord you
know show me your heart and all this
show me what you’re saying in this and
we’ll just see how far we get today
because there’s just a lot of things I
feel like that are coming together right
now it’s 3 3 20 March 3rd 2020 and I do
believe we’re moving into an incredible
season as the body as we come into unity
and we come into the fullness of
understanding who we really are in him
in Christ in Jesus Yeshua what we’re
going to be doing as a body is just
incredible and so this is where we are
though right now we’re facing this this
disease that is hurting people and so
I’m gonna share what the Lord gave me
this morning I’m gonna read the word the
Lord gave me before they do that though
the scripture you know I know that
everyone knows and we talked about from
2nd chronicles 7 they have my people who
are called by my name will humble
themselves and pray so you know that
scripture but you know the Lord was
showing me the context of that today is
his house I mean what’s happening is the
Lord says that in the context of Solomon
who has just completed his temple and
might get emotional the truth is we are
his temple and God has been and will
continue to do a work in us to bring the
fullness of Yeshua Jesus within us
that’s the season that we’re in and so I
just believe this is important but let
us have let us read the scripture in the
context of God coming to Solomon and God
coming to us and saying look you know
you’re yes you’ve built a place for me
and now I’m gonna lay out for you what
this looks
like if you will consecrate yourself to
me what I will do in this so let me read
this this is from the ASV the salomon
finished the house of Yehovah in the
king’s house and all that came into
Solomon’s heart to make in the house of
Jehovah and in his own house he
prosperously affected and Yehovah
appeared to Solomon by night so God
Himself appeared to Solomon and he said
to him I have heard thy prayer and I’ve
chosen this place to myself for a house
of sacrifice
so again if we’re his temple he’s
calling us – we are a place of sacrifice
that’s what we are to be each of us in
our mind body and spirit and the
fullness of who we are as his child and
then he says this if I shut up the
heavens so that there is no rain or if I
command the locust to devour the land or
if I send pestilence among the people so
don’t miss that don’t miss that that
it’s God and there’s so much confusion
right now about well is this the plan of
the enemy or is this the plan of God God
is over all and so he wrote the end from
the beginning is what Isaiah says he
knows it all he uses all that he works
all things together for the good of
those who are called by his name so if
it’s the enemy it’s Satan and absolutely
a Satan we’re gonna read and I’m gonna
share with you guys word he gave to me
and he says how this isn’t his kingdom
the coronavirus does not represent his
kingdom it’s the kingdom of this fallen
world and so but he will use this for
good right and let us not forget that it
was God who sent the plagues in the time
of Moses God used Moses and Aaron he
sent the plagues to set his people free
and I firmly believe that that we are in
that time again
that God is God is sending that’s what
his word says we might not like it we
might not understand it but he is using
this for his good and what he wants to
do what he desires to do is bring his
people to himself so God will absolutely
bring incredible good out of this so let
me continue he says if I shut up the
heaven so there’s no rain or I command
the locusts to devour the land or ice
and pestilence among the people if my
people who are called by my name shall
humble themselves and pray and seek my
face and turn from their wicked ways
that’s the peace – beloved children of
God we have to turn from our wicked ways
he has to do work in us to even help us
to understand what is wicked there’s so
much of our culture I’m talking to
people in America but this is a work
this is an this is a worldwide God’s
people are all over this world right now
all over this world they look like every
tribe nation and he’s saying you don’t
even know me you don’t even know what’s
wicked but I’m gonna show you I’m gonna
show you what’s wicked and then I’m
gonna invite you to come out of that
wickedness repent and turn so he says
then I will hear from heaven I will
forgive their sin first so it’s about
forgiveness first and then I believe the
outcome is and then I will heal their
land then the land will be healed now
mine eyes shall be open and mine ears
intent unto the prayer that is made in
this place
so here again he’s talking about the
Temple of Solomon but what he’s saying
that’s the prayer that’s made in this
place if we’re his temple and His Word
says that were his temple were meant to
be his temple that means consecrated
righteous holy before him if we are his
temple then he will make it he will heal
it he will heal it
thank you Lord for now I’ve chosen in
how this house that my name may be there
forever and mine eyes in my heart shall
be there perpetually and as for the if
thou will walk before me as David thy
father he’s talking to Solomon and do
according to all that I’ve commanded
thee and will keep my statutes and my
own ordinances then I will establish the
throne of thy kingdom according as I’ve
covenant with David thy father saying
there shall not fail thee a man to be
ruler in Israel so what’s the context
obviously we aren’t the ruler of Israel
right but Jesus in the New Testament we
read that we are kings and priests that
as his children we are meant to rule we
have been given all authority on heaven
and earth through Jesus on this earth
that’s why when we come before the
Father you know in full repentance and
in humble before him he listens he’s
given us that authority to come before
him so but he’s also saying you need to
do all that I’ve commanded and keep my
statutes and my ordinances and I just I
want to say this isn’t the video this
isn’t the time but since I came came
back to the Lord at the end of 2013 for
the last six years God has been teaching
me about his ways his law his ordinances
his times his seasons who he really is
and I’m we’ve just forsaken that I grew
up in America I grew up going to church
and we don’t we’ve missed it we don’t
understand the ways of God and I’m not
saying I do fully no man can but in his
word if we seek him out in his word will
understand that more and more our hearts
will begin to change will understand he
said he would write his law in our
hearts and our minds in Jeremiah he said
he would do that and so we can trust
that he will all right so that’s the the
setup the context so I just asked him
Lord what would you have me speak Lord
he says write and speak what I have to
say to the nation’s so this isn’t just
to America this is to the
Nations to all of his children you are
missing the point of the coronavirus you
are missing it it is I who allow these
things to come upon my earth my creation
I allow it for my purposes my purposes
are these I desire to call you to myself
you my children are not meant to go
through it alone I am here patiently
waiting for you to come to me I say all
who are weary come to me and I will give
you rest stop relying on self and start
relying on me your Creator and the lover
of your soul the coronavirus is a broken
twisted man-made virus not of me it
represents all that is wrong with this
world under Satan and under fallen man
the coronavirus is not of my kingdom it
is of the Kingdom which is falling I say
to you today for these with ears to hear
this world under Satan is under notice
your days are limited your end is near
my kingdom is coming in its fullness and
it will not be stopped even today it has
come in those who have made themselves
ready by submitting to me
I have prepared them I have made them
the coronavirus cannot live in my
kingdom you must come out of the kingdom
of this world and enter into my kingdom
to taste my goodness and my mercy do
this now it is not hard my burden is
light and I desire to carry your heavy
burden as my son dealt with it nearly
2,000 years ago on the cross he paid
your price the bounty on your head in
full come be redeemed by the blood of
the Lamb today your broken world feels
fear but fear is not of me rebuked the
fear that is a lie though ten thousand
may fall at your right hand
you will be safe under the shadow of the
Almighty I am the great I am it is I who
allows plagues pestilence and storms to
but why you ask if I’m a loving God how
could I allow such terrible things I
allow the trials and even the
temptations are the goodness of Who I am
I give every opportunity for you to turn
to me and let me hold you let me carry
you let me heal you I say to you today
everything that you know and hold on to
will be shaken and in the days and years
ahead it will fall everything not built
by me will fall it is time to let go of
this world and grab on to your Redeemer
I say to you today the times have
reached their fulfillment it is time for
my children those who are called by my
name to come to me it is your choice if
you are to heed my warning and come out
of this broken world today or not how
can you come out humble yourselves and
pray call on my name repent turn from
every wickedness and seek righteousness
while it can still be found I will
answer your cry I am here I hear I make
a way when there is no way do not
believe the lie that you are too far
from me to be found I have not left your
side not even for a moment I extend an
evergreen branch as my sign of peace to
you take and eat this is my kingdom
released to you to bring healing from
the coronavirus disease in the days to
there will be plagues there will be
pestilence there will be famine there
will be disease and there will be
destruction but fear not because I make
a way through it all just as I did
through Joseph just as I did with Moses
just as I did through Yeshua Messiah
Jesus our Savior I make away seek me and
you will find me stop and listen and I
will speak to your heart and lead you by
still waters
this is the time to draw ever closer to
me I will be your lighthouse I will be
your fortress against the storm that
rages and so that’s what he’s shared
with me related to this this morning and
last night when I was in my prayer
closet and I was spending time with the
Lord and worship and in prayer I saw a
picture the Lord dropped a picture into
my mind and it was a picture of someone
who was eating what look like needles
from a tree I could see them kind of on
the side of their mouth and I just asked
the Lord what is that and he said
evergreen and I thought and in my prayer
time I wasn’t thinking about the
coronavirus I wasn’t seeking the Lord
for anything related to that and he just
dropped into my heart and knowing and
understanding and he said blue spruce so
first of all I had no idea if the
evergreen tree is edible
I remember hearing about you know the
hemlock and and poison and all that so
number one I did know that the the
evergreen is even edible
it is so after I came out of my prayer
you know I googled it and found that the
evergreen the needles aren’t edible and
in fact in the the times of the Native
Americans and the early settlers the
Native Americans taught the settlers
about how to how to use the evergreen
tree how to eat the needles of the tree
to prevent illness the second thing is I
I don’t know much about trees so to be
honest and the Evergreen I I didn’t know
when the Lord said blue spruce I didn’t
even know that the blue spruce is an
evergreen tree so I thought so as I came
out of my prayer closet I’m like okay
Lord if I’m hearing you then the blue
spruce which I thought was just a spruce
that it would be an evergreen tree and
so sure enough it is so the blue spruce
is a type of ever
tree and so here’s what I’m gonna share
with you I know this probably sounds
crazy but God always makes a way that
the Lord showed me that the the blue
spruce evergreen can bring healing to
somebody who has been affected by the
coronavirus and potentially even prevent
illness so I’m sharing that now I ask
you to take that before the Lord the
Lord has not I’m not into that necessary
I’m not an expert in natural medicine
any of that but that’s just something
the Lord showed me and so out of
obedience I told him that I will share
what he gives me and I will speak when
he tells me to speak and that’s what
he’s telling me to do so take it before
the Lord pray and ask the Lord if he
would have you do that I sent this to my
friends this morning and last night even
actually and one of my friends came back
and said yeah we have three big blue
spruces in our backyard so common you
know at least in the region I’m in in
Omaha Nebraska so that might be
something to to do is to gather up some
of those needles and just ask the Lord
for yourself
learn about it yourself I’m gonna
continue and in in the word the Lord
gave he he mentions the the plagues and
pestilence so you might be aware as I
was made aware recently of the locust
the locust plagues that have hit Africa
and even gone past Africa you know
across the sea and even into India and
some of those areas and it’s not
something that I’ve been following but I
just believe it’s a confirmation and I
want to share with you something the
Lord reminded me of again in the times
that we’re living and kind of how it all
how it all ties together so on january
28th of 2016
I had this kind of this experience with
the Lord where I had a dream first and
in the dream the dream was super simple
a what looked like a grasshopper just
jumped this huge grasshopper jumped in
front of me like it was bigger than me
and it jumped right in front of me and
startled me awake so that was the first
part of it and I what happened was then
I was tired I went back to sleep and the
Lord woke me again and he told me to
write just like I kind of read to you
that word and I’m not gonna read all of
it but this is what I heard Jesus say
specific to this that he said I called
to you to stand with me in this hour
this time for sleeping has passed you
must be awake and poised to receive my
orders I send out the call to my army to
rise up as one each must take up their
place so that I can lead you forward it
is that it is I that makes away it is I
that directs each step you know it is me
when it’s effortless when it will be
like the breeze you that breeze blowing
you along you will know that you are not
alone the trumpet bearers stand ready to
blow at my command the trumpets are even
at their mouths and the breath in their
lungs this shall be a move of the one
true God like has never come upon this
earth to this day or ever again
do you feel it the winds of change once
they blew cold but now they blow with
the heat of fury it shall be unleashed
leashed upon the ungodly they that
choose evil over good day that blaspheme
his name they that have covered
themselves in every kind of precious
jewel and riches adorning themselves for
their own glory they that laugh at the
righteous who for my sake choose to
serve instead of being served they that
past the children by instead of giving a
penny to those in need this wicked
generation shall pass away and that I
will come and will bring with me life
eternal and at that time if you recall
around that time there was the Zika
virus was going around and there was you
know fear about the Zika virus and the
effect it could have on unborn babies
and and he said he says mosquito is the
smallest of creatures causing such great
harm to my children do you not feel the
father’s heartbreaking for what man has
brought on himself know this the blood
of the Lamb protects all just as my
people covered their doorposts so that
the Angel of Death passes over social
the blood of the Lamb protect every life
whether in the womb or in the home I
freely give my blood every drop is
available to you and your families so
you seal yourself in my name right my
blood on your hearts and on your minds
and let it cover your homes and your
children nothing outside my blood may
penetrate that which is within its
covering which becomes righteous pure
and holy it is yours for the taking all
you must do is ask me into your heart
and surrender your own protectors which
are foolhardy and only lead to
destruction the shaking that I have
warned of is upon you but my sheep must
fear not rest in me and I in you and
then in that word the Lord gives some
very specific some specific warnings to
areas and I’m just I don’t feel called
to read that right now and so what I
want to say is that in that word the
Lord talks about Jesus talks about
what’s coming to this generation what’s
available to this generation and so the
Lord spoken to me many times of the
latter rain that is coming in the first
month and that’s not according to our
calendar the Gregorian calendar that’s
according to God’s calendar and so in
Scripture we can find an understanding
of God’s calendar and so the first day
of the first month is according to
science to witnesses the signs in the
heaven the alignment and also the
science on the earth the barley and its
ripeness and so anyway more on that if
that’s new to you more teachings on that
may be to come but what the Lord said to
me today is is this proclaim the day of
the Lord that is coming this generation
will see the coming of the Son of Man
and the last Trump with all at the last
Trump with all his glory and his might
to the redeemed I am here I’m a good
father with mighty plans for all of my
family plans to give you a future and a
rejoice again I say rejoice so there is
so much good that is coming and guys
absolutely going to use the coronavirus
the swarms of locusts this plague of
locusts that right now is not affecting
America but we are not immune we are not
immune to the plagues of God that he
will use to bring redemptive judgment
upon our land and upon his children
found in our land he will bring him to
bring us to himself that is his plan and
it will happen and the last thing that
I’m gonna say that I’ve been wrestling
with and I just need to need to get it
out is that on January 3rd of 2016 I was
sleeping and the Lord pushed me awake
yeah kind of from the inside out and he
said this to me he said
I am raising up the joseph´s the date
the famine begins is January 16th so
again that was four years ago over four
years ago and so I didn’t know what
January 16th the Lord meant and with you
know each year as it would come close
2017 2018
I didn’t know and I didn’t feel like I
had to know and I didn’t feel pressure
about it I knew what the Lord had said
to me when he gave me that word I didn’t
even know that there was a different
calendar I only knew the Gregorian
calendar and so I believe that’s why he
used that date January 16th in that
vision that I had it was an envelop
angelic visitation and a vision I saw a
woman dancing and she had jewels on her
itself and a bag of like it was a bag of
corn or flour on her back and she was
rejoicing because she had been prepared
God had made her ready for what was to
I also saw a pile of mechanical bows on
the ground but no arrows and I saw the
Lord showed me in this vision a lot of
just a lot of small army tents like as
far as the eye could see all these army
tents in formation and I just was made
to know that this was a time of war and
in the vision often the distance was a
fortress and the fortress the Lord
showed me in that he is our fortress he
is our strength
he is our protector and he’s calling us
to himself now as the the Lord has
confirmed to me that the famine began on
January 16th I don’t have a full
understanding of what that famine will
look like how long the famine will last
I believe the Lord is going to allow
that to unravel but I believe that the
current coronavirus that’s happening is
just the beginning of that the
ramifications of that in our economics
and our society the locusts the plague
of locusts I believe we’re going to see
that grow and not diminish the Lord said
to me that this is going to get worse
before it gets better
this isn’t to bring fear God is going to
do such good out of this as he positions
our hearts for what he has and so I just
want to confirm to you that the Lord
speaks to me in numbers and again dreams
and visions and those things and I had a
dream in 2018 about the numbers 239 and
I woke from that dream 239 and the Lord
asked me when did Noah entered the Ark
and so I learned I researched and
learned that it was the second month on
the 17th day and so I had a friend who
reached out to me in in in the spring of
2019 and he said to me he said the Lord
had shown him that May 22nd of 2019 was
the second month in the 17th day if you
added 239 days
to May 22nd of 2019 it would be January
16th of 2020 now that God’s calendar
changes every year so that the odds of
that happening before after that again
are you know crazy so what I can tell
you is I was preparing for that and
because the Lord and when you read in
Genesis that the Lord extended an
invitation to know what to enter the ark
one week before it happened on the
second month on the tenth day he
extended that invitation and he gave a
one week nor warning for it so the first
death happened January 9th and by
January 16th these announcements of what
was going on what was happening in China
the potential for this to become a
pandemic began to be explored and the
chart showed January 16th is the start
date of that and so I I you know so here
we are March 3rd and I’ve just been
carrying this in my heart and last
Friday was actually my 43rd birthday on
February 28th and the Lord that morning
first of all I’ve been in prayer and see
him and that morning he really he showed
me something he he broke my heart for
something and that was that at the end
of 2019
my friend and I Christa we went to took
a very quick road trip to to Dalton
Georgia and then to Dawsonville Georgia
and we went to Dalton because Kristen
had been made aware of this phenomenon
of a Bible producing oil and it had been
going on since January of 2017 and so
this Bible producing oil and so we went
there hoping to see it but also just to
understand what God was doing to seek
the Lord in the town and talk to people
about what God was doing in that and
through that and so we we were there at
the end of December I think it was
December 20 that we were actually there
that God just what broke my heart on
Friday was it was made I was made aware
by someone had sent me this article I
was made aware that the Bible stopped
producing oil on on or around the
January 9th or January 10th timeframe so
on January 10th they declared that it
was no longer producing oil so I asked
the Lord about that and you know for me
whether you know you might not believe
was ever real I absolutely believe it
was the Lord was doing something
incredible and so for three years he
gave this sign and wonder of himself in
producing oil from this Bible and it’s
ended the Lord chose for that to end and
he used it as a confirmation for me to
know that that was the one-week warning
and that this January 16th is the
beginning of the famine so I again I
don’t know if this famine will I don’t
know if it’s going to be like the
biblical famine where there were seven
years of famine which would take us
you know up through 2027 or if it’s
gonna be some other different period of
time but the Lord has confirmed to me
that the famine has begun and so one of
the things that I want to say is I’m
aware that another friend sent me this
article that Cindy Jacobs and others is
called call people today on March 3rd –
a day of prayer to declare the end of
the coronavirus and in that there’s
there’s a knowing there’s a sense by
God’s people that we aren’t to fear and
we know that God makes away and so in
Joseph’s life if you know the history of
Joseph’s life there was this unfolding
that happened over a number of years for
guide to position Joseph one of Jacob
Israel’s twelve sons to prove to put him
in just the right position to be able to
provide for God’s family and so Joseph
was positioned perfectly to be able to
provide during the famine so in the word
the Lord gave me he said I am raising up
the Joseph’s that’s the first part of
the word is we can trust that God has
this plan that’s been being the plan
written before time began and this plan
that has been going forward right in the
spiritual realm and into the physical
realm that there’s been a preparation of
people that God has made a way to
provide for his people and we should you
know rejoice in that and be joyful in
that and joyous in that because he we
don’t have to fear he’s got us and just
like he provided for his children all of
those thousands of years ago so that
there would be a people of Israel which
I believe were a part of we’re a part of
the people of Israel and here in America
and throughout the world God’s people
are throughout the world and that is our
heritage and so he’s saying I will make
a way but you need to seek me you need
to prepare your heart and you need to
ask me
that provision is going to come from
because the time of relying on us upon
ourselves alone or relying upon our own
stockpiles are relying upon the stock
market right stock market isn’t
interesting that’s that’s that’s gonna
be that’s over you know and the Lord has
talked to me about that daily manna that
he has for each of us if we’ll seek him
every day he’ll provide our daily manna
whatever that might look like to each of
us so so in that in that experience at
the end of that experience an angel came
and I saw an angel with my eyes and this
really really big angel and don’t let
this scare you but his name is angel of
that’s just his name there she’s got a
job to do and death is his job it’s the
end of life on this earth and the
beginning of eternal life and so the
Angel of Death came and this isn’t the
only time he’s come he’s come he came at
a different time too but at this time he
said to me he said he said to me like
very clearly he looked at me and said
tell them what is coming and in my heart
I was seeing there I was singing there’s
God no God like Jehovah there is no God
like Jehovah that’s what I was singing
in my heart
and I said out of my lips I said yes I
will tell them what is coming I will
tell them what is coming and so this was
again in January of 2016 here we are
four years later I believe the famine
has begun and but God will make a way we
are not to fear he’s got so much
goodness for us we’re standing at a time
where we can expect to see an outpouring
like no other time in the history of man
in the last in the 6000 years of the
history of man the time right before
Jesus comes this generation we are the
generation chosen before Jesus comes to
prepare the way just like John did just
like John the Baptist did in the waters
he prepared the way for the king and
that’s what we’re called to do is to
prepare the way for the king who is
coming and that’s what’s ahead so
as far as I’m gonna go today so praise
God I thank you Lord Jesus for giving me
the courage to share what you’ve shown
me I pray that people will have ears to
hear this and that they will prepare
according to the way that you lead and
guide them and not lean on their own
understanding but in all their ways
acknowledge you and you will make their
paths straight thank you lord

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