Wearing Shoes Of Faith – Tess Ann Macallister

Wearing Shoes Of Faith


Tess Ann Macallister


Dear Lord Jesus do you have a message for us today ? Yes daughter I do. Yea I confess Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. It is I the Lord Jesus that speaks to you this day. This message is for my remnant army and bride This message is NOT for the lukewarm,mockers scoffers unbelieving etc. My people are you wearing shoes of faith ? Are you spreading the gospel of peace with the good news to others? I see and hear all. My people the time to step into your shoes of faith is now. These are the last days. The end of all things is at hand. All scripture must be fulfilled . My judgments will continue to pour out on the wicked evil sinful Earth. Especially on Babylon North America. America is a disgrace to me. A nation that used to pray to me and have me taught in the schools. A nation that used to respect human lives in the womb. A nation that once stood up for me and my ways . Now openly millions of young women get abortions and America now wants nothing to do with me. Not all are like this my remnant army those who worship,obey, serve and live for me are not like this. My faithful remnant army continue to pursue me like their lives depend on it. You my remnant will accomplish much in these last days . I have given you my spirit . He will lead you into all truth. Pray to be filled with him and to be emptied of yourself completely as an empty vessel that can be used for my glory. You my remnant, are my vessels which I am depending on to carry my light to this dark, evil, wicked, sinful world. You are my light bearers and faithful witnesses of the gospel. If you are not already wearing the shoes of faith now is the time to put them on and use them for my glory and the Fathers glory. My people I write to you today a message of encouragement and urgency. The time to examine your walk with me is NOW NOT LATER. I will not accept a partial or lukewarm surrender. I want a full surrender. This means that you keep the commandments and that you turn away from all sin. My word the Bible says without holiness no one will see me or the father. Besides humility, humbleness, honesty, purity, love, mercy , and forgiveness holiness is essential. You are saved by grace through faith. However ,I do not expect you to love the world or live like the world . I have called and chosen you to be set apart from the world. You are to be in the world but not of it. My people I am coming very soon for you. Much sooner than you think. My timing is not the same as yours so I want you to be ready. You do not know when you will be taken from this world and find yourselves stepping into eternity. Your lives on Earth are temporary and are fading fast. Eternity is forever. Those who walk closely with me in this life will be greatly rewarded in the next life. Come to me today and receive forgiveness of your sins. Ask to be washed in my blood. Choices must be made. What is your choice ? This world or me and the kingdom of Heaven ? There is only two choices. Wayward sinner I am calling you home!!!. All will have to stand before me and account for every word spoken and every action committed in this life whether it be good or evil. Live a holy life blameless before me. My people the time to spread the gospel is now!! . Test this message and all messages this daughter of mine has received with my word and prayer. My people put on your shoes of faith today. Will you come to me today ? I am waiting this is your Lord amen and amen- KING OF KINGS JESUS

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  1. Catherine

    The picture of these shoes remember me of the shoes, that God the Father put on my feet years ago.
    I was doing a lot of seven days prayer marches. I was going from village to village along the borders of Switzerland and then 7 days prayer marches around the 26 state cities. One night I saw how the Father put new shoes in my feet and a sister wanted to have my old but I said to her: you can’t have these shoes, they are for warriors and I gave them to another sister.

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