We are Praying – Ruth Johnson


We Are Praying

November 21, 2020 1:28 PM
Ruth Johnson

My prayers flow out in tears
Fall to the ground
Become a stream rolling down
Mountains and ravines
Filling pools, spilling over,
Soaking barren land.
The other’s prayers are joining in,
Their own tears overflowing,
They course through sand
In rivulets grand,
Meeting up with mine.
They become a mighty river,
Rapids over stones,
Splashing high into the sky,
Catch the sun, sparkle and shine
In countless tiny rainbows.
Unrestrained as rain,
Holy prayers of grief,
Working hard to wash away
The footsteps of the thief.
For he has trampled all the land
Since he dived to earth,
Then his offspring joined right in
Once they were given birth.
His fallen army followed suit
Thrashing through the forests
Searching for the living food
Reptiles, birds, beasts and humans,
Tearing up our roots,
Throwing us like fodder
Over the countryside
In their unholy slaughter
‘Til in the flood they died.
The land washed clean,
Their bodies buried,
Giant’s bones in muck and mud,
Along with other creatures
And men in that flood,
The men who went along
With the fallen slew,
Committed evil on the land,
Their families covered too.
The human race picked up the pace,
Commenced to procreate.
The beasts and birds, reptiles, herds
Hurried to keep up,
The land repopulate.
Rainbows followed rain,
A sign from God,
No matter what
He would not drown us again.
Among good seeds grew weeds,
Multiplied like mad,
Sowed in the hearts of men
All of their old bad.
Men bought in again,
Even cultivating them,
Grew them in their yards
Instead of hoe and spading them.
Their roots grew down to the core
Of God’s great earth.
But not forevermore.
For the Lord has a remnant
Scattered through the nations,
A people born to dwell in scorn,
The righteous planted and adorned
With blessed fruit
The evil frown upon,
Want to annihilate them.
But they will not succeed,
Those choking, noxious weeds.
The One Who Made The Garden
Will not tolerate for long
The ones who sowed the weeds
In among His fruitful ones.
He has let them flourish,
Allowed them to grow
To show us all the difference,
And now our prayers do flow
To Him Who dwells above,
His people He so loves,
Praying tears to Him
To rip up all the weeds
And throw them in the fire.
He said He would not drown us,
But His faithful ones,
The ones who seek His Son,
Did not promise this.
Now our prayers will drown the world
As we release our dam of tears,
Flowing together, washing it clean,
Cresting through the land,
Leaping off the cliffs,
Falling in the seas,
Washing away the griefs
Caused by the fallen ones
Long, long ago.
I just want them to know…
We are praying.





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