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WE ARE AT THE RED SEA – Amanda White
An Egyptian Red Sea Coast


January 20, 2021 1:38 AM
Amanda White

Vision & Word | 1.19.21 @ 9:59 P.M. | Joshua 3:5-8; Exodus 14:13-29

The vision began with biblical times, where a massive amount of people were walking towards a body of water. As I was watching them, I was a bit confused as to why they were doing this. My view then panned over to the cartoon movie “The Prince of Egypt” (story of Moses), and I immediately understood what the Lord was trying to tell me. The vision kept panning back and forth between a reality biblical scene and a cartoon version. This continued all the way up to both views stopping at the Red Sea waiting for what would occur next. I felt the Lord say,

This is where Americans are right now, waiting at the Red Sea to witness if the water will indeed part or not.”

He then showed me the discouragement of His followers in 2021, waiting at the sea to await the Lord’s answer to their cry for help. Once the pharisees came, yet in this 2021 version there were those who were deep in corruption and followers of darkness. Our Sovereign King’s lukewarm followers panicked while the Lord’s firm believers stayed calm and trusted in His promises. The vision panned back to the two previous versions, the biblical cartoon and biblical reality scenes, as if they were split on a T.V. screen to view them both at the same time. At the other end of the Red Sea was God and His angelic light welcoming them to follow Him. The vision again panned forward to 2021, and instead of seeing God’s light at the end of the sea, Jesus floated in place of Him. Jesus had a golden glowing light surrounding Him with such purity and grace. He then stretched out a hand to His people and said,

“Come with me. I know you don’t all understand, but it had to be this way. It had to get worse before it got better. All part of my Father in Heaven’s grand plan, His GREAT AWAKENING for America. Follow me still and know that I will continue to protect you. Thank you for having faith in Me and believing in my Father, the King of the Angel Armies that resides in eternal Heaven. Come, the time is now for change.”

All Christ followers made it across the parted sea, as our corrupted and satanic enemies could not reach us to cause any harm. Protection by the Lord was reassured to us, no matter how dreadful the days to come would be.


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