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Warning for AMERICA [Plan of the Enemy] – Does JESUS CHRIST know you?

Warning for AMERICA

August 25, 2020
Does JESUS CHRIST know you?

Warning for AMERICA!

Jesus Christ gave this message to me on August 5, 2020. Only now it was allowed by Heavenly Father God to have it posted.

This message is only for God’s people who have sincerely made Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Jesus Christ showed me a vision to see the future plans of satan for America. And to warn all of God’s people in America to prepare for persecution! The message below is what Heavenly Father God ordered to share to all.

Heavenly Father God says: To all My servants in America, be prepared for the great trials and persecutions that will come in your country! satan has ordered his chief devils who are assigned in America to use the evil people who were his slaves to go house to house. This is what they will do: hunt down, persecute and kill all Born Again believers and professing Christians. satan’s goal is: “let America be never a Christian country again!” satan wants to destroy America to make it his home and he wants America to no longer be a Christian country, instead all will be a religion of satanism. Whoever, remains faithful, and obedient to Jesus Christ till the end of their life will be saved! Continue to REPENT of your sins, pray and fast daily so that your faith will increase! Those who die for Jesus Christ will surely deserve to live in Heaven!

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  1. Does God really need to say this? Or has another person managed to get their soul/flesh word onto 444ProphecyNews again? There is nothing here to consider. Nothing at all. Not one word all of us don’t already know. You do not need the gift of prophecy to claim any of this. Not at all. None.


  3. Catherine

    Persecution is coming. The Lord knows, who will survive and who will be killed. Endtime: Persecution

  4. McKana

    Thank you Dear Sister.
    God bless you!

  5. Glenn

    This is not right? Killing of born again Christians?? It’ll only be the lukewarm bring killed this is a fact!

  6. SarahR

    David, I have many complaints but don’t feel the need to share. If God says something we “already know”, then maybe “we” are not the ones who are supposed to listen. Did you pray over these things? And when you did, did the Lord tell you to post these complaints? Are you posting your complaints out of love or…something else?

    I’ll give you a complaint. When there is a “word” that talks about spiritual preparation, well many, there were commenters complaining that physical preparation wasn’t mentioned and questioning it on that basis. I was irritated…and that was flesh. I was irritated because of people who presume how God should or should not speak. There is nothing scriptural about that complaint. The chief means of preparation *is* spiritual or nothing else you do will matter. You can stock up on food and live a little longer, but you will still end up in the same place if your relationship with God isn’t right. You can stock up for others and be obedient to God’s leading, but these things will only happen if you look to God first and seek His face and His ways above everything. Loving Him is the greatest commandment. When we are filled with His love, everything else flows from that. Without Him, we can do nothing. So, I would be irritated at those comments but I understood the point that some people are “lazy” (flesh), so ok. Then, soon after these complaints became noticeable, all of a sudden many many prophetic words about stocking up on physical supplies. Again, if God calls you to do that, do that, but the timing…and then the satisfied assurances that truly these are words from God now. Really? Is that so now? Are they only God’s words when they agree with you in how God is supposed to speak?


    Man, this is painful.

    Do you guys not know how dreadful He is. Do you pray before making these comments about words that may or may not come from the Lord? Do you think you know it all how He speaks to each of us..or doesn’t as the case may be? I would never dare to treat a prophetic word so flippantly unless I was pretty sure and had some scriptures backing it up.

    it’s just me, but…you know, test all things, yes. There are many false prophets, yes. But, “we already know this” is not a valid reason to disregard something. I am glad some of you hear from the Lord so regularly that you know exactly how He speaks to you. How can you say you are speaking right in your judgment this way, though?

    And now I have you, complaining because you already know these things. Ok. Fine. You already know. I am so happy for you that you know so much. I am an idiot and a fool and I know little and what I do know vanishes away sometimes unless I ask to be reminded. I am weak.

    But you are so strong.

    I am so glad you know everything that is shared. Why would you ever need to read the Bible again? One time is enough!

    But as for me, Whenever I think God “speaks” to me, they are like nuggets of gold. I treasure it more than the finest things, the nicest houses or the most beautiful sunsets. How could I ever despise any of it? God’s true words – mostly in the scripture – sing to me. I am certainly glad that John didn’t hold back because he thought the people already knew what he was saying, or we wouldn’t have 1 John.

    So, I don’t know whether this “word” came from God, but certainly I don’t judge it based on “psh!! We already know this”

    I am sorry. God forgive me for this, because I often make mistakes. I don’t know whether I should speak or be silent and there is always a great conflict within me, but should I let this go on?

    Just so sad.

  7. JD

    SarahR, I agree 100% with you. I noticed that when people complaint a lot in general and are quickly irritated by things in life, they have relationship issues with most family members and society. They actually suffer from depression and or post traumatic stress. And havent dealt or doesnt want to deal with teauma they went through. Most often the root of rejection causes a fruit of pride/arrogance as a person says in his heart after someone hurt him/her : “ I will NEVER allow this to happen ever to ME again”. And just then a fruit of pride starting to develop. Only God can heal hearts and we to intercede for them.

  8. Great job SarahR!

    Glenn, what would be scriptural references for your claim, as it is spiritually dangerously incorrect.

    The Disciples were not “luke warm”, but with the exception on John, they were martyred. Nor were the tens of millions of our brethren since just 1900 (and even today) who were killed for their faith! The “luke warm” will roll over and abandon any pretense of being a follower when it gets tough, many are already doing this and we’re just getting started on what will become increasingly horribly difficult times.

    Here are but a few which prove your statement invalid: Matthew 24:9, Revelation 6:9-11, Revelation 7:9-15.

    Multitudes of true believers will be slaughtered. We MUST believe scripture as it is written, rather than read into it what we choose to believe!

  9. SP

    The famine begins on August 28, 2020

  10. Bee

    The famine where SP? Many countries are already in famine and famine doesn’t just appear on a date, it’s a culmination of problems in a set area. Here in Australia, there might be famine in the red centre first and then to the west coast or the east. It won’t start nation wide. It takes time.

  11. Fred

    Perhaps folks posting dreams, visions, words from the Lord may be
    duplication of another post due to Jesus homing the message in – branded in our hearts. Perhaps for confirmation purposes. When 2 or more….!
    In any event there may be people looking at these messages for the first time today and may need to hear it. I’ll just leave it at that.

  12. Glenn

    Deb I know that but we have already gone they persecution to say oh yay we’re gonna get slaughtered hey ya can if ya want I won’t be lol. And God has told me clearly that won’t happen he will rapture is ya don’t even believe in a rapture but just martyrdom that’s sickening honestly. I say this in love what I’m saying is scriptural you’re twisting it up. God bless

  13. DANIEL

    There will be no rapture.

  14. SP

    Received 8/20/2020
    Released 8/23/2020
    I have given SEVEN WEEKS TO PREPARE — to get your hearts and houses in order — to call a solemn fast and repent — FOR NOW IS THE TIME.


    There is ONE WEEK REMAINING to gather yourselves and your hearts to Me.

    They say, We are poor and have no money to prepare!

    I say unto you, You have had nothing for SEVEN WEEKS??

    Many have the chance to prepare, but STARTING IN ONE WEEK, the store shelves will grow more barren, and the TIME TO PREPARE WILL TURN INTO A TIME OF SURVIVAL!!!


  15. Hey Glenn, as earlier requested, where is the scripture to back your hypothesis? In addition to the verses I mentioned earlier, Daniel 7:21 and Revelation 13:7 have been understood for centuries to mean that the saints are martyred during these end days.

    Too, Jesus said that His saints will be gathered AFTER the time of great tribulation (Matthew 24:29-31, Mark 13:24-27), not raptured before it. Believers will be needed here to help guide others to Christ during the coming events. We are the human army of God, marching alongside He and His angelic armies, working to snatch the souls of the lost out of the clutches of the hosts of hell, that they might instead repent of their sins, truly and completely commit to Jesus, and join the family of our Amazing Lord Jesus! .

    Again, please provide scriptural support, taken in context, for your theory, .

  16. Glenn

    Wow deb lol have a great day ya don’t know what’s your talking about clearly I’m just ignore all that lol.

  17. Paulus When

    God does send many messengers with almost identical messages. Yes they cover different aspects, we messengers received only pieces of puzzle, but these pieces of puzzles do have a common theme. And they form a grand picture. I will not repeat the theme here, but you know if 1000 messengers said “prepare to go home and love not worldly things”, and then one messenger said “prepare to plant trees, you will reap the fruits years after years after years and you will be rich from selling fruit 10 years from now”, you should raise your eyebrow. I hope you get the picture. Our messages ARE INDEED almost identical.

  18. Eyes Open

    Thank you young lady for your courage and obedience to post your video message to Christians in America. As you can see by the responses many of us Christians within America are in need of refinement from the fires of persecution. Enough said. God Bless you sister. Where are you from or what country do you reside in currently?

  19. ivan dimitrov

    David Gatewood..YOU ARE soooo..PROUD…–PLEASE repentAND REPENT please=I feel the LOVE IN THE MESSAGE FROM that SISTER-IN CHRIST

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