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Warning for AMERICA [Plan of the Enemy] – Does JESUS CHRIST know you?

Warning for AMERICA

August 25, 2020
Does JESUS CHRIST know you?

Warning for AMERICA!

Jesus Christ gave this message to me on August 5, 2020. Only now it was allowed by Heavenly Father God to have it posted.

This message is only for God’s people who have sincerely made Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Jesus Christ showed me a vision to see the future plans of satan for America. And to warn all of God’s people in America to prepare for persecution! The message below is what Heavenly Father God ordered to share to all.

Heavenly Father God says: To all My servants in America, be prepared for the great trials and persecutions that will come in your country! satan has ordered his chief devils who are assigned in America to use the evil people who were his slaves to go house to house. This is what they will do: hunt down, persecute and kill all Born Again believers and professing Christians. satan’s goal is: “let America be never a Christian country again!” satan wants to destroy America to make it his home and he wants America to no longer be a Christian country, instead all will be a religion of satanism. Whoever, remains faithful, and obedient to Jesus Christ till the end of their life will be saved! Continue to REPENT of your sins, pray and fast daily so that your faith will increase! Those who die for Jesus Christ will surely deserve to live in Heaven!

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