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War – The Messenger



January 17, 2022 3:44 PM
The Messenger

11/17/2022 Close to 2 PM

My Son write these words of urgency , Children it is time, it is at hand I Thee Father has warned that war is coming to America mystery babylon and so shall it be. I have warned about darkness coming and so shall it be . I have searched Thee hearts Thee minds of everyone ,Only those listening to Thee Inner Still Voice shall know beyond any doubt when this shall happen and whether or not they shall, shall be here for it. Children those who have made themselves obedient and ready through listening for Thee Voice of Me Your Holy Creator shall escape shall. Why because those who hear My Voice Thee Inner Still Voice to guide you in all things shall not go through it. Children I am not talking about Thee Holy Spirit I am talking about My Voice that every living breathing creature can herd. Children I have warned and now those warnings are over. I love you My Children but learn Thee Inner Still Voice Thee one that guided Elijah and My Holy Son .

End of message Your Holy Just God.


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