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War Dream: Physical/Spiritual – Damien Lawrance

Hi brothers and Sisters,

Dream about war and demons, received Saturday 4th May 2019

The dream started in a river, i was under the water and I saw a creature that sort of resembled a mermaid with gills, it looked at me as it swam passed, I knew it was a ungodly creature, a demon. I was then out of the water, and I saw another demon attack a bunch of the Lords elect, they could’nt see it, but knew it was there. Other demons that were with the one that attacked the people Started swearing and cursing at the demon saying ” Why did you do that, Now you’ve done it, Their gonna call on the Lord”. Im not going to use the laungage that the demons called and was saying to the other one…Message of this is that the demons are afraid of the Lords people, study Ephesians 6, armour of God.

The dream then went to a war zone, I was just off a dirt road, with a squad of 10-12 men, manning a post which was in the middle of the bush. Suddenly the Russians come down the road with a company of 100 men and some light armour vehicles. A firefight breaks out and and the first target the enemy hits was our ammo and weapon supply. I was despretely searching for a rifle, or any weapon. My team was dropping like flies, soon there was only 2 of us left. Yet we still fought and lost.

After i woke up, i had the understanding that if in an earthly fight NEVER go into battle without the Lord’s permission, or without him. Like King David. Jesus is our salvation, Stronger is He who is in me than he who is in the world.

But If battling a demon or multiple demons, one Name above all others have them running for the hills, our King of Kings Jesus. If you are facing a demon that withstands that a while, bind the demon by the blood of Jesus Christ.
If it still remains tormenting you, then call down Holy Fire in the name of Jesus Christ, sometimes if fighting an ancient demon it might not recognise the name of Jesus, then you will have to use his name YAHUSHUA. But remember this, WHEN GOD’S WARRIORS GO DOWN ON THEIR KNEES, THE BATTLES NOT OVER, ITS HAS ONLY JUST BEGUN…we only have power in the name of Jesus.

DO NOT try to fight it on you own, if the battle gets to hard, dont be afraid to drop to you knees and throw your arms up to heaven and cry out to JESUS, JESUS, JESUS SAVE ME.

I have found the best way to fight is put on some worship music, make sure you ask for forgiveness from Jesus and repent, always, always, repent at the start of a fight, and praise the Lord, the demons can’t stand to hear us praise and worship the Lord. The Lords power and strength will wash over you, and you will have a boldness to battle, trust in the Lord. He never gives us more than we can manage, if Jesus sees us not managing the fight, HE WILL STEP IN AND FINISH IT.

Be strong in the Lord, always seek him diligently and TRUST him in all you do, He is faithful.

May Jesus bless you and keep you.

Damien Lawrance

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