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WAR COMES – Ashleigh Quinn

Ashleigh Quinn


Jan 6th 2015

“You shall see your cities of America burn. Evil has plotted and will arise soon within the land, they have no compassion on children or women, they shall attack your cities, your schools and places of worship.
I use evil to fight evil but also some of my own will be coming home soon. Do not fear these things when you see them, know I have told you of them before hand.
When you are weak, when you are very distracted the enemy shall invade your border and take your land, times and laws will all change and your freedoms will be no more. Do not fear as I will never leave you and I will make a way, but you must follow me and do as you are told. I will make an end to your enemy in time but the sword shall be upon the land as judgment against America and the sin within it. I do allow and disallow all and it is time for judgment to begin in the land. People will panic with great fear when these things begin to come to pass. Stay close to me so I can shelter you from the storm. America has many enemies waiting to strike it. Your land is weak without an almighty God, I bless and protect the nations that follow me and my ways, America has turned her back on me and she will fall as a nation. I only will protect my own within her, the ones who are following me.
Do you see how important is is in the days ahead to listen to my voice and be obedient to all I ask of you? It is the difference between life and death. No one wants to hear of impending doom, but it shall come. I am warning because of the urgency of the times ahead to follow me, I will be your light. People are too busy going to and fro unaware of what is waiting at the door, and sudden it will come and fear will overcome them. I do not want my children to fear and I tell you and prepare you for the days ahead. You can not see what’s ahead, I do and I am warning you to draw near now. Many will be without food and water and heat. They will be in great fear and confusion, but not you, you know my promises, you know I allow and disallow all my child. Tell them my truth, lead them to the only everlasting life. As it was to Nineveh so it will be to the land of America”

The book of Jonah
The book of Nahum

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