Waking-Up From the American Dream – James Smith

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Waking-Up From the American Dream

March 27, 2023 2:06 PM
James Smith

⌛️ Prophetic Poem
received suddenly @
03/31/16 approx. 10am

Many, today, will tip the flask
and read my Word through (a)
“gas mask”
The time, it is now here at last,
the End of Days is coming fast.

My face did they neither seek
nor strive, high thoughts and
Each man requires the grace of
five, who lives to only feel alive.

Of waste and crime do they give mind,
but to heed my Word found they no time.
They murmur, called to kneel and pray,
reasoning this, “No, perhaps another day.”

For blasphemy and wicked rites,
come catastrophe and fearful sights.
In these final moments of this late hour,
plead I to you, in love and power.

Unrepentant sinners claim,
“We have more time,” and
“We’re not to blame,“ but
for shakings, what man
can stand? They’ll surely
feel my heavy hand.

“Ignore the shakings, have no fear!
The voice of God, we dare not hear!
You think He sees us in the night,
to punish for our wicked rite?
There is none, save us, but fools
’round here; no Spirit of the Lord
draws near!”

Peace and safety, do they cry?
Discern the times, it is a lie!
They see no cause to mourn
and pine, but by such fruit
ye know men’s minds.

Holy and Bold are now “four-letter-words”
or of this have ye never heard?
For their offense, my hand will I lift,
with four-little-words, I. Never. Knew. You.
now, recompense.

Yes, go on your way, ye barely alive.
Be filthy still and fight to survive.
Surrender thy children, offer thy wife
or else come to me humble and
repent for your life…

My people, ye must fight and bind
these spirits of the dumb and blind.
With crying voices and with sighs,
get up! Rise now, evangelize!

Raise one, dead! Restore one, lame!
There is power, for you, found in my name.
Heal the sick! Unblind the eyes!
By Spirit, in you, I Am alive.

The rhyme is done, we’re out of time;
I’ll not turn this nation on a dime.
All of it of pointless theme, so awake
oh land, from the American Dream.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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