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Wake UP!

December 6, 2020 6:28 PM

8 November 2019 5:20 AM

Seek Me Now America! For your toys will soon be spoiled and broken, and what will you do then? Come to Me now, I AM waiting for you. Time is running out quickly. I AM here for you now, don’t wait! Your life on this earth is a test. Are you living for Me? Are you passing your test? Most of you are not! Winter is coming, do you understand? Your life is about to change, do you want My help? You will cry out for Me then. But why aren’t you seeking Me now? I have blessed your nation in the past, and you are still living in the past. It’s time you woke up, those days are over! MY blessings for this nation, who has turned it’s back on Me, are over. I will answer all who call on Me for salvation, for I have come to seek and to save all who are lost. But you lukewarm and backsliden ones who used to know Me, have completely forgotten Me. I won’t hear you when you cry out for help. For you have jumped into the same boat as the ungodly and lost. You are not putting Me first in your life. Do you even know what that means to put Me first in your life. No you don’t. But I will answer those who have put Me first in their life. Those who seek Me daily in prayer and in the study of My Word, these are the ones I will hear when they call on Me. These are My Chosen Ones, because they have chosen Me over the possessions and pleasures of this world. Those who have chosen the pleasures and possessions of this world, will soon lose them, even as they are lost. It’s time for everyone to wake up! Can’t you see how evil this world has become? And it’s getting worse by the day now, wake up you worldly ones and repent while you are still able. In case you haven’t noticed, people in this world are dying at an increased rate, and it will continue to increase until I have cleanse this world of all unclean, filthy, and abominable sinners. Everything and everyone who is following satan will be destroyed. Everything that is not of Me has to go, because I AM bringing the Kingdom of God to earth. You better choose now who’s side you are on, choose Life, while you still have your life, and live for Me, I love you, My Father and I have already prepared a beautiful, peaceful and wonderful future for you beyond your imagination. Choose Life! That you and your family may live. The alternative will bring you to a place prepared for satan, and all who follow him. A place of eternal punishment and separation from My Father and from Me. A place of suffering and eternal fires of hell and the lake of fire, where the worm never dies. Choose you this day whom you will serve. You do not know at what moment or day your soul will be required of you.

I AM here, right now for you, come to Me, repent of your sins. Forgive others, and I will forgive you, and cleans you of all unrighteousness. Then Heaven will be your future home with My Father and Me. Give your life to Me and I will give My Life to you! I shed My Blood for you and died for you to pay the penalty for your sins. For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal Life, through Jesus Christ, Yahushua ha Machiach, who wants to be your Lord and Savior, if you will accept Him. I will never let you down. Remember, every breath of air you breathe, is a gift from Me. Be grateful, for all I have done for you, for the ungrateful will perish! Why do you think all of this is unimportant? You make light of what I say. You don’t think your life will change. Some of you are saying, and have said, “Well, I didn’t ask Him to die for me” You have said this in your heart, even some of you have said this out loud, you have rejected Me. Since you have rejected Me and don’t want anything to do with Me, then I will reject you, you are on your own, have it your way. You will die in your sin. Continue singing your song, “I did it my way” and you will receive your reward. I have tried for many many years to bring salvation to you, but you didn’t want it. You didn’t want Me. You loved your sins and your ungodly way of living. I will no longer bring My people who love Me, across your path. Your choice is sealed. You will never hear, “Well done My good and faithful sons and daughters” but you will hear this, “depart from Me you workers of iniquity, and lawlessness, I never knew you”.

My Heart is hurting for My Creation. This world is dying and everything in it is dying. The animals I have created are dying. The birds, the fish, even the insects are dying. My bees are being killed. Men are spraying them with poisons. Even from high in the sky, planes are spraying poisons and toxic substances to cause pain and death to My Creation. Animals and people are purposely targeted by these harmful substances. Man made frequncies from cell towers and microwave towers and smart meters are deliberately transmitting harmful frequencies to hurt and kill My Creation. All of My Creation is crying out to Me for help. Even the trees and plants of the forest are dying, they can’t breath anymore, and many fires are taking their life. This world has rejected Me, all I have left is My remnant. I love My remnant, My Chosen Ones, they will do anything for Me, and I will do anything for them. They are My Bride, and I AM coming for them very very soon. My Father said, He won’t keep Me waiting much longer, for My Holy Word will be fulfilled sooner than anyone thinks. Be ready! Remember, I have to eliminate all sin and evil in this world, so hang on to Me and My promises in My Word, because the ride will get rough, but I AM with you and will never let you go! We are One! I love you with all My Heart!

Your Savior and Soon Coming King,


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Yahushua Is High And Lifted Up

December 6, 2020 6:28 PM

4 February 2020

Whatsoever things are just, honest and true,
May we always honor You.

Whatsoever things are of a good report, lovely and pure,
We know the true sayings of God are sure.

You must be anointed, so do not boast, the anointing comes only from the Holy Ghost.
It’s not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, said the Lord of Hosts.

It shall come to pass on that day, that your burdens shall be taken away.
From off your shoulder, and your yoke from off your neck,
Not by doctors, nor from high tech.

For many like you, I AM appointing,
The yoke shall be destroyed, because of the anointing!

You are high and lifted up, You are the Son of the Most High!
You left your Power and Glory, and came to earth, to minister and die.

You are high and lifted up, You came to earth as a man,
But no one ever knew, You were, the Great I AM!

You are high and lifted up, You ministered as a man,
Anointed by the Holy Spirit, You healed all with the Spoken Word,
And with the loving touch, of your hand!

How God anointed Yahushua, with the Holy Spirit and Power,
Do you believe He will anoint you, this very same hour?

Yahushua went about doing good, you don’t have to wish you could.

He healed all that were oppressed, then finally, they were able to rest.

As He spoke the Word, the devil had to flee,
God’s anointing will do the same, for you and for me.

As the Father was with the Son, He will be with you,
With our Father’s anointing, there’s nothing we can’t do.

Yahushua will also strengthen you, He will be with you, and bless you too!

From Your Heavenly Father, who loves you with all His Heart


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