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Visions & Words from The Lord – M Goss

Today, the Lord put it upon my spirit to share these words and visions, so in obedience I share with you what was revealed to me by The Spirit.


1)I saw the earth and another planet next to it.

2)The Lord says

Let my people go! A new day is dawning, the veil will be lifted for those who turn and seek me!!!

3)Then I kept hearing…The queen of unrighteousness over and over…I asked who it was and The Lord said she is dressed in silk!!!

The Lord said: The lines of reality are about to become very blurry. This is why I said to seek my face only, so you will know the Truth and not deception. I will come quickly! Stand strong, stand firm!


I was taken up high above the earth, I saw a spider web covering the earth (the world wide web). I was told the trap has been set, the net to catch & enslave my chosen ones, must pray. Then I saw a bunch of men in a room in black suits, plotting complete control. They said the net has been set, we almost have complete control.

Then I saw two angels falling from heaven and suddenly they were in the room standing behind these men telling them what to do. Please pray without ceasing for all of our brothers and sisters, and put on the full armor, while continually praying for The spirit of truth…Much love your Sister in Christ

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