Visions: Obama & Trump & Hunting of “dissidents” Christians – Patti Huson

I had several visions today 7-24-2018, I wanted to share them with you.

The great hour of deception is
coming…ln a vision I saw Obama
in a black suit come out behind
black curtains onto a stageI all the
while patting the dist off of his suit
and wearing black shiny shoes, he
dusted off the dust on his shoes,
looked down at his reflection and
grinned at himself with great pride.

I just finished eating my lunch and I went to the laundry room to put
something away, and while l was in the small laundry room, I had a vision. Before me I saw Trump,
and the first thing l noticed on his
face was that he had Asian eyes, his eyes were slanted. The thing I
noticed, he was wearing a red long
Chinese robe, then the Holy Spirit
directed my eyes and I saw a hat
on his head, a large straw hat like
Asians wear when the working out
in the flelds to keep the sun away
from their heads and eyes. I immediately thought wow Lord, this is really strange, this is a strange vision and I went back into the kitchen do my dishes..And as l was inquiring of the Lord what this meant another vision came before my eyes..

l had a another vision, in fact a couple.

I thought how strange that the Lord
gave me that vision of Trump, I was in
the small laundry room. I came back in to eat some fruit at the table then
before me I saw Trump turn around
towards Obama on the stage behind
the curtain and he said to him “hurry up and do what you need to do”, then the Lord showed me why he gave me that vision of Trump while I was in the small laundry room. Trump is hidden hes in a closet, no one knows. Then while I was sitting on the couch suddenly very vividly an clearly before me l saw men military men all dressed in black from head to toe my spirit went to Obama who was all dressed in black in the vision I had earlier today, and this army went from door to door, they were looking behind doors and searching bedrooms and homes and the Lord told me they are looking for the “dissidents” and l knew they were the Christians who stand up for the truth, these are those who oppose the government and one world religion those who preach and teach and
believe in the true gospel, the only
King and Lord Jesus. these are
being hunted down and slaughtered
and murdered and they will be
executed….it was so real to me it’s
like it was happening right in front
of me, l knew it and l saw it and l felt
it……it’s what’s soon coming to the
true followers of Christ.

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