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Visions & Dreams: Invasion & Occupation of America; Kansas City Nuked – Servant of I AM

By Servant of I AM

Visions & Dreams: Invasion & Occupation of America; Kansas City Nuked

Written in on 2nd July 2008

The Lord has given me a number of visions, as well as dreams, concerning the fall of America. This will occur prior to the second coming of Christ. There will not be a pre-tribulation rapture. The rapture and the second coming of Christ are the same event, and this will occur at the last trump, on the last day. Several years ago, I was working security at a bank in downtown Kansas City Missouri. I was making a foot patrol around the outside perimeter of the bank. I noticed some construction workers were standing around a manhole in the street, that was taped off with barricades and flashing lights. I thought that this was strange since it was after ten p.m. I then heard a loud explosion and witnessed a large mushroom cloud ascend hundreds of feet into the air. I was terrified and was running for cover. I then looked into the street and noticed that there were not any construction workers, nor had any explosion occurred. I then walked over to the area of the street where I saw the manhole and barricades with flashing lights. To my amazement there was not a manhole nor barricades. I then realized that I had seen a vision.

Several months later I had a second vision. I was looking out the window from the Twelfth floor upon Kansas City. I was thinking of how beautiful the city looked at night. I then saw the city in rubble. Flames were ascending from the remains of destroyed buildings, and ash was falling from the sky. This ash was nuclear fallout. The Lord had given me two visions concerning the nuclear destruction of Kansas City.

In this thread I will share dreams and visions that the Lord has given me, as well as my wife, concerning the rise of China and Russia.

A few years ago I had a dream concerning the invasion and occupation of America. In the dream I was driving down a remote country road. I noticed a group of Martial artists practicing on the side of the road, I decided to pull over and watch them. I noticed that they were Chinese and were dressed in black. There were a large number of them and they were throwing punches.

I then continued to drive until I entered a small town. On the outskirts of the town I could see into the homes as the Lord spoke to me. The Lord asked me, what do you see? I replied, I see violence, Lord. I witnessed husbands beating their wives, parents beating their children, as well as children beating their parents. I heard loud cursing going on within these homes. One man chased his son out into the front yard pulling on his arm until it was pulled out of the socket. The Lord then spoke to me and said that the violence within the land has come before him and he must put an end to it.

I then drove into a larger town and noticed a military convoy driving down the main street of the town. The soldiers were Chinese and there were tanks and other military vehicles in the convoy. I then entered a small grocery store. The owner of the store held his head down and looked very depressed. I asked him what was going on. He replied, don’t you know? The Chinese are our new taskmasters.

Then I found myself standing in a line in a government office. Food vouchers were being passed out by Chinese officials. When I came before the desk, I noticed that I was standing before the ruler of China. He asked me, do you know why we invaded your country? I replied, because America has committed brutal wars against innocent nations. He replied, you have answered correctly. You and your family shall have twice the food vouchers as the others. I understood that I was like Jeremiah standing before Nebuchadnezzar.

Jeremiah warned Judah that God had given them over to Babylon for captivity. Jeremiah told them to resist not the Babylonians. The same is true today. In the near future Russia/China as well as several Latin American nations will defeat America in WW3. The Lord Jesus Christ will returnwithin a few years after that. He who endures until the end shall be saved.

My wife had a vision of the leaders of Russia, China and three other nations hugging and kissing one another. The Lord told her that they were forming an alliance. Two months later it happened. China, Russia and three former Soviet republics formed an anti-American alliance. On CNN it showed them hugging and kissing one another.

My wife also had a vision of Russian aircraft buzzing our aircraft. This was reported shortly later.

My wife has also seen our country being devoured by large canker worms. One came from the direction of Russia, one from China and three from south of our border.


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