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Visions 52 & 53 – Natanyahu and the Saudi Prince – Sharlene R

Sharlene R

Visions 52 & 53 – Natanyahu and the Saudi Prince

Vision #52 – The Boiling Pot

I’m in a different area of the Temple. It’s the right side and there are pillars lined up and there is a partial wall from the floor maybe less than a ¼ height of the pillars which are those same tall white pillars I’ve seen in the temple. Over the white low wall is a part of heaven. I can’t see clearly but I think there are trees of some kind and I see some goldenish structures but a lot is veiled. I look ahead and it’s open. I’ve been here a few times before but this is the most I’ve ever seen so far. I am worshiping on the floor here. The area is expanse as I look ahead and I can’t see the end. Like a corridor but it’s part of an area of worship. There is a Throne in the distance to the left of my peripheral. I’ve seen myself very clearly wearing a white robe and prostrate on the floor alone. From here I tried to go to the vision area. This area is still there but how I got there I don’t know. I thought I walked there but I don’t know what was in between. I greeted my friend and went to the vision area.

I saw Prime Minister Netanyahu sitting and talking with a man with a white robe, red and white checkered head covering who was also sitting. There were others wearing white robes and those red and white checkered head coverings standing behind the head dignitary who was someone of great importance. I understand that this is the Saudi Prince. I could hear Netanyahu speaking Hebrew and they were in a serious conversation but it wasn’t heated or difficult. It seemed the PM was in agreement and reassuring. I’m looking at the group behind the Saudi Prince and they seem not happy and menacing. (Hope note – I fill this was somewhat fulfilled today as I read this article) The focus is on this group of Saudi men who are standing behind the Saudi Prince and the middle man is standing slightly ahead of the others as if he was the leader. I understand that these men do not like the Prince. And I also understand that his life may be in danger. The Prince has ulterior motives regarding Israel.

Vision #53 – Another Table of Kings
04/04/18 evg

From the Throne Room, I’m watching Jesus stand on top of the staircase as I look up from below in the expanse area. I’m seeing me walking down the stairs, greet my friend and join the others in the usual vision area. Different perspective!

The vision opens to an expanse room with my perspective mid air. I see a semi-circular table with men sitting at a spot at the table with someone very important in the middle. This man is veiled. I’m seeing it from a distance and I’m at the 7 o’clock mid air. I can’t see any faces but I can see the 3rd man from the right of the man in the middle is wearing a Saudi red and white checkered head covering. He has a beard but I can’t see his face. This semi circular table is higher up than the floor as there is someone addressing the men from below and he is looking slightly up. I understand now that these are the 10 kings and the man in the middle is the veiled antichrist. I understand there is a tiered gallery of seats behind the man addressing the table of men or kings. It reminds me of the UN type seating but the building from Brussels keeps coming to mind; the one that looks like the tower of babel. My perspective changes and I see the gallery from the table position as if I was seated there and looking out. I can’t see anyone. The area is very veiled. But I do see a military soldier wearing a black uniform, armed with some kind of semi automatic weapon standing on the periphery of the gallery. I know there are more but I don’t see them. The guard is wearing a symbol on his military cap but I can’t see the detail. But I understand it has something to do with the NWO. Still at this perspective I glance to my right and see an oriental man wearing eye glasses and dark suit who was looking to his left as if in my direction but was in conversation with the man beside him. Because of the semicircular table I was able to see everyone at the table but I couldn’t identify any face. The Saudi king’s clothing is the only garment that identifies where he is from. I understood that the position of this Saudi as a king in this vision has something to do with vision #52. I’m wondering if the Saudi Prince in vision #52 is one of the kings in this vision of the NWO. Jesus didn’t give me confirmation.


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