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Vision: Fighter Jets (War) & Dream Of Rapture – Brother Buddy Smith

Brother Buddy Smith

Vision Of Fighter Jets (War) & Dream Of Rapture
December 4, 2017

It was a beautiful day and me and sis Brenda were with some kids. We are out walking near our apartments where we live now ,there is walking paths near the river by us here.
When suddenly the sky was filled with jet fighters and higher bombers over our city. These were not American ones at first .Based what I saw these were Russian and Chinese planes . Our planes came too and the fight was on the bombers trying to drop bombs on our base here. We took the children and ran back to our apartments. Bombs dropping huge noises, the fighters fighting each other. The Russian and Chinese against the Americans. Some planes fallen from the sky. But did crash on us, but some around us.

Brother that was the first part ,then the Lord showed me even more .With this going on then in the spiritual realm there were like brilliant shining white fighters and there were dark black ones. They were far superior to any man-made fighters. The white ones were whipping the black ones . Then as intense as it was, I woke up, asking the Lord what was all this?
He said this it what the number 37 is all about. War my son as I have revealed this to my son Paul ,that you have been seeing this number everywhere .This is what is coming ,like sudden destruction My son . The dream shows you with children ,My children ,you have been called to show and teach them the way to go .You have been called to watch over My children .Your part is to pray for them ,Teach them My Truth and Encourage them to keep going . You are My servants and have matured ,grounded in My Word and led by My Holy Spirit for such a time as this .Yes you stumble and make mistakes ,no one is totally complete in Me until you come home .You are on the right path ,be encouraged .I am with you and will never leave you .You and Paul and My daughters Gail and Brenda are to stand for Christ and let not this world or your flesh keep you from serving Me. Do not let anyone discourage you .We are at the final moments before the sudden destruction comes and you all we be with me .Your Mission will be done and the path I have put you on will be completed .Now share the rest with My son Paul .

Ok brother as the Lord leads and commands .This is the real exciting part .As we are with the children of God ,running to the Apartments ,there is a very Loud Trumpet ,Shofar sounding .Not like I have ever heard ,so powerful that it shakes the ground under our feet . A loud Voice saying Come up Hither ! We were looking up ,we could see our Savior and Lord Bright and Shining Brighter than the Sun ,but not hurting our eyes .A pure light ,His Glory ! Amen Then we were changed instantly to a perfect body white robes that shined brightly . We look so young and Glorified and we fly up instantly ,like real fast ,a twinkle of a eye .
It was so real brother ,there was such a release knowing no more struggle ,no more dealing with this flesh and failing our Lord in this flesh .No more two natures ,But only a Holy nature only a Holy Spirit .Amen Halleluiah
The last thing was what the Lord showed me about what was going on the world .All these planes and fighters turned on each other .At first the Russian and Chinese were against the Americans ,but then it shifted .they were now fighting each other . Like the Word of God says ,they will turn on themselves and each other . Amen
The other thing the Lord told me brother it will start conventional and then go nuclear .That’s when the church is taken ,all hell will break out .Sudden destruction ! God Have Mercy.
Then the Lord pointed out again about what He revealed to you 37 means war and what He pointed out to me .I Don’t think I have shared this with you ,but I will now .
37 also means 3- Father ,Son and Holy Spirit 7- God’s perfect way and will . Amen

The Last thing The Lord revealed is that ,as the nations turn against Me and against My people Israel and My Land and My city there fate is sealed .You are studying it now .So when you see the number 37 pray for the lost souls who still need Me ,pray for the lukewarm and back-slidden to repent before it is truly to late . It is all about souls now ,by the choices of the nations turning from the True Living God and turn to satan the god of this world ,There fate is sealed ,the Judgment and wrath is coming from My Holy Anger and Righteous indication .Pray for My created children to come home to Me before the gate of Heaven is closed Your Righteous King Jesus Forever Amen
Well brother what can I say .This was the most intense and so real dream .
Then when I woke up a vision of the second Glorious part . Amen
The time for this is very soon ,we need to look to Jesus ,to trust in Jesus like never before .Now as we see this number we are to pray and intercede for the ones around us who need to trust in Jesus as Savior and Lord before it is too late .Amen

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