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Vision: America Split in half – Anyonomus

By Anyonomus

May 30, 2013

While in worship tonight into the wee hours of the morning the Lord gave me a vision. it was given at 1:30 am eastern time on the 30th of May.

In the vision I was running through thick vegetation and then stopped
abrubtly at the edge of a very high cliff. I believe I was in the Smokey
Mountains somewhere in the Alabama, Tenn. area. As I looked over the cliff my eyes zoomed in and the day turned to night for a moment. Then I saw 2 very bright flashes of light in rapid succession, almost like when lightening flashes, or like when a nuke goes off. It was located near the SE corner of Montana (which seemed odd to me, since every map I’ve seen of the New Madrid never reached that far) where it meets Wyoming and S. Dakota. My eyes then turned East and I saw the same 2 rapid flashes of light only they seemed to be coming from the sky down into Lake Michigan near Chicago. Instantly the earth, seemingly the whole nation began to shake violently. It was like no other earthquake that has ever been.

Suddenly the Great Lakes all flowed south with incredible force straight
down to the Gulf. At the same time thewaters of the gulf came rushing up
onto what used to be land, reversing the flow of the water coming in the
opposite direction creating a great inland sea. The U.S. was completely
split in half. Illinois an Michigan were no more as well as pieces of Ketucky and Tenn.. Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Missouri were also
completely covered with water, and a sliver of Wyoming, S. Dakota, Colorado and Texas. Iowa was also almost completely gone.

I couldn’t help but wonder what could have caused those flashes of light.
Where they HAARP, or something else planned? As I stood there with many tears, actually hearing the screams of the people being consumed by this disaster………………

The Father reminded me that even in His judgement there is mercy,and that
now was the time to repent.

I have seen many predictions and maps of what the New Marid may look like when it happens, but this was unimaginable. I felt also in the vision this was not far away, much closer than anyone could imagine.

Please grant a spirit of repentance to fall on this nation dear Father,and
have mercy on those who are already yours. In Jesus Name.

Collection of maps describing the vision above


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