Video: Father’s Warning To The Unrepentant – Julie Whedbee

Father’s Warning To The Unrepentant – Julie Whedbee

Published January 27, 2019

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  1. TrinidadWarrior777

    Thank you , already shared it on Facebook. Saldy most get offended or start mocking whenver I share anything about repentence. BUt It is a must for all of us believers to get the word out . regardless of whom we loose in the process. Its a hardship to have family turn against one another. But it is all part of gods prophecy. Onward Christian Soldiers! Get the word out there , let not give up on our loved ones!

  2. Geert

    Because of this video I made a dissision to get rid of my television.
    So mutch negativity, the Lord name in vain, sex, killings,
    This was on hart the last couple of months .
    The eye gate was totally mestup because of wat we see.
    Things that we see becomes like a tatoo on the brain, it sits stuck.
    Now the feet of God can rest on my house end Angels can protect us.
    We pray but dont get answers because our house is corrupted.
    demons come and go because of the dirt we watch.
    No more .
    Time to get Holy.
    Time to clean up.

  3. Rover Radar

    I did that (QUIT TV and Movies), almost 4 years ago – started with Radio though. Yup, your EYES and EARS (which eventually lead to your MIND), ARE OPEN DOORS to the enemy.

  4. Geert

    I must say my livingroom looks so clean.
    Sold the hifi and the LP.
    got rid of the Xbox.
    Today my Tv set .
    And al the rubbish movies.
    So now my house is Gods ground.
    I believe that if we do that clean up God honours us and you can feel him returning in your house.
    Now I can focus on hearing His voice

  5. Renee Permewan

    It is not the TV that corrupts, it is what we watch!!!!

    I did the same to movies and shows of the world but The Lord eventually bought Me back to having a TV as he uses it daily for confirmations. So be prepare that after your refining process he will bring you back to having a TV again.

  6. Joshua 1:9

    Geert, that is so awesome !!!! Praise Jesus for your willing heart to yield to Him. May you be blessed beyond what you thought possible.

  7. Geert

    The problem is the Tv that if you bring it back the wife or the children wil watch stuff that wil corrupt the atmosphwere.
    It will creep in again.
    So beter to cut out the cancer than have hellovision back in the house

  8. Brian Orlovsky

    Thank You for sharing! I don’t understand how anyone can balk at Repentance! I am clothed in flesh, and since flesh is weak and corruptible, I believe that my act of repenting is a natural thing. As for the years before I was saved, sin was just something I took little notice of.. By that I mean that I tried not to break the 19 commandments, but overlook how one act of sin breaks a multitude.
    Plus, since only the Lord knows when my last breath will be drawn, I sure don’t want to foul up the eternity with the Lord, that is promised to those who follow His Commandments!
    Once the TRUTH is found, who would ever want to be ignorant again?

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