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August 7, 2021 11:56 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

RECEIVED Saturday, August 7, 2021, 9:30 – 12:30 AM

This will be brief as I have asked the Lord to make it so. I was told I must share my own recent experiences though I have not wanted to do so.

For more than 5 weeks I have been severely ill. I was unable to sleep for more than 45 minutes at a time for almost 3 weeks due to gasping for breath according to my monitor my breathing has been dangerous for more than a month. I have had more than 170 respiratory illnesses several requiring hospitalization and have completely stopped breathing for delayed periods of time when the enemy tried to take me. During week 2 and 3 this occurred repeatedly, the enemy whispered that I would not live.

At the same time, I was tremendously attacked spiritually by five very demonically filled people in four unconnected incidents, including a family member that I have not spoken to in more than 30 years! Along with a few other issues that remain unresolved that are critical.

Though I had several doctor appointments, I was banned from coming for care at two offices (I guess healing the sick is not a priority despite the greed of some). Another appointment the Lord told me to cancel as a safety to me. Due to an unrelenting fever (I still have it though I am 80% recovered), I prayed multiple times, if I should get care but clearly told “NO” for several reasons. Additionally, the Lord reminded me that I still had work to do and that He has told me many times, I will die in the Tsunami that is planned for the East Coast (many do not know that our military has been testing “N” bombs off Florida underwater resulting in earthquakes being reported by folks on the coast.

The Lord did tell me there were a handful of people, who were praying for me during this time. Though I do not know who they are, I am very grateful.


Here is what the Lord is saying to the United States (but this is applicable to many areas of the world):

I AM has repeatedly warned through this servant that many diseases will plague this nation, as well as the world. You have heard from Me through her about the plagues since her very second post on this platform more than two years ago and many times since.

I told you through her in March 2020 that the C virus would not be the one to fear. I said the things that follow were what will be truly devastating.

Many are not ready in their heart. I have warned since My Righteous, Holy Son walked the earth that when the end came many would be unprepared. Did you not realize that I wasn’t just speaking to the just the Lost?

Many of My Children live very much in the world’s kingdom. They willingly surround themselves with the lost, not to preach my gospel (which is a mandate for everyone who calls upon Me for salvation), but because they enjoy their company, their rude and crude remarks, their behaviors and their beliefs. Some of My children compare themselves to the lost as a way of elevating themselves in their own eyes. Thinking well I may sin by doing _________ but at least I’m not as bad as _________. They steal. They cheat on their wives. They lie. I may be fornicating because I’m not married but at least I am not like them! Oh, child, you are like them!

You have not repented and you are habitually embracing sin, thus you are not going to enter My Kingdom, if you do not repent and stop your sinning! Excuses such as “well we might get married some day” or “I am not sure she is the one” or any other variety of excuses for your unrighteous behaviors will not be accepted or tolerated. I call you to be Holy as I AM Holy!

Those who are living in fear are not living in faith. The days have already begun where those you have loved and those you believed were Holy followers of mine, are setting traps and snares to betray you. I promised to expose the frauds for those with eyes to see and ears to hear but your enemy is tremendously cunning.

Do not think you are superior in your discernment. I have already witnessed many of my children ignore my still small voice only to be trapped in webs of deceit. My Word, that was flesh and is now Spirit is there for you. Seek it!

I told you to fear not for I AM with You. You must pray about everything. There are many wolves seeking the sheep to devour. They are even in your household and regrettably your church (have I not repeated warned through this servant that it is so?). I said that silly women (people, men are included that believe the leaders of this country, their church, their favorite talk show) are about spreading lies and misrepresenting the true intentions I have for each of my children! I AM able to reveal this to you if you seek me!

Read my Word! It is life to you. It is victory! It is truth! It is love!

I will give you the ways you need to deal with these who wish ill upon you. Do not surrender when your enemy whispers there is no hope. If you have breath still in you, you have the opportunity to be victorious. Will you turn to me for answers? Come to me with a clean heart and desire to hear from me in humility and I will answer.

Stand firm in the truth. Soon, the pressure to comply to the wicked actions of your government and doctors will increase. They already have deceived so many, not just in submitting to their plans through these injections but now these people are poisoned in their body and their minds AND THEIR SPIRITS!

They are no longer operating of their own free will although they don’t realize this. They are being programmed to sabotage and harm, those who did not submit. This will bring about a social war and atrocious actions and mandates that will terrify many.

BE STRONG! Some of you will be forced to live in new “accommodations” and experience an array of torment that for many will result in death. I have already spoken these words again and again through this servant and others.

Remember absent from the body will mean you will be present with me. Do NOT Fear Suffering, for it is for righteousness that you stand, for truth that is me. I embody truth. I AM the Only TRUTH! Do not fear what man can do to your body. Fear the punishment of the disobedient, who will join your enemy in the Lake of Fire.

I AM coming with a sword to judge you America, the Home of the Brave (which today is a very small number of those, who stand for righteousness).

Soon, every person will be tested by the enemy. Many are already going through great trials. Some can not even share their burden for fear of the consequences but if you call upon me and seek My reprieve, My will and My guidance, I will pour out my promises upon you and those who ask for My wisdom will receive it in abundance. Every word and action should be presented to Me for direction. Fear no man (woman) for I AM fully aware of each circumstance and each thought.

I AM will show Myself to you, it is My Pleasure to reveal my plans for you. I Love You with a complete, pure and everlasting love. You can’t do anything to change that. Where you spend eternity is up to you, I will honor your choice. Choose Life.

~Handmaid of the Most High~ Psalm 37:30, Acts 2:18


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