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April 21, 2022 5:53 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

“Those who are slaves and do not know it are the best slaves of all.”

Jeremiah 13:18 KJV
Say unto the king and to the queen, Humble yourselves, sit down: for your principalities shall come down, even the crown of your glory.

Jeremiah 44:8-11 KJV
In that ye provoke me unto wrath with the works of your hands, burning incense unto other gods in the land of Egypt, whither ye be gone to dwell, that ye might cut yourselves off, and that ye might be a curse and a reproach among all the nations of the earth? [9] Have ye forgotten the wickedness of your fathers, and the wickedness of the kings of Judah, and the wickedness of their wives, and your own wickedness, and the wickedness of your wives, which they have committed in the land of Judah, and in the streets of Jerusalem? [10] They are not humbled even unto this day, neither have they feared, nor walked in my law, nor in my statutes, that I set before you and before your fathers. [11] Therefore thus saith the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel; Behold, I will set my face against you for evil, and to cut off all Judah.

The Holy Spirit has been urging me to post the prophecy I was given in mid March 2022, immediately following the prophecy ““Red” Alert!” was posted. Though I wrote it, it had no scripture references which I had planned to post the following day. However, the enemy was particular angry. A few hours later, while online, my laptop was shutdown.

Though my computer is constantly monitored and hacked, the demonic realm has often shutdown my computer to stop the Words/Dreams/Visions I receive from the Holy Spirit from being written and delivered. The shutdowns have happened around a dozen times since I began posting three years ago. I’ve even “lost” a computer (malfunction isn’t fixable as it was 12 years old).

Much spiritual warfare goes into regaining access, often days or weeks. Thus far, the Father has seen to it that I do regain access (with that exception, I was blessed by a follower with this laptop.) How these “repairs” come to pass is truly amazing and I don’t always understand the “behind the scenes” work by the angels and the Holy Spirits instructions, which truly encourages me and I pray it does so for you as well.

It was nearly 2 weeks before I regained email access. Thus my recall is very modest but the Holy Spirit never forgets! All praises to Him!

Please do some research on the events in Shanghai. When I originally received this word back in March, it was more than two weeks before the forced lockdown. I’ve also provided links to the other Chinese and Russian warfare dreams, visions and words I’ve received in the past at the bottom.

Likewise, I was given a word about the racial divide and war within the U.S. months before it happened. In August, I happened to mention this to someone (who has deceived many, pretending he is a prophet, but it has since been revealed that he and his spouse are actually a double agent for the United States and Israel). When I told him about what I was shown, he responded “Who told you that?”. He was very upset. I found that to be an odd reaction, since I had already mentioned repeatedly to he and his wife, that the Lord operates in the prophetic through me. I responded, “The Lord”. He then confirmed that it was planned for the coming year! Sure enough, we saw “that group” demonstrate through threats, acts of violence and destruction even burning property!

Side note, I sensed from his behavior in the past, something wasn’t right but this behavior really highlighted my concerns. I felt strongly that he was a deceiver and stopped further contact only to see about six months later, proof of what his true career. All of that proof has been since “removed” from youtube and other places as well his volatile, hateful and libelous statements about those exposing him and his wife. I saw these responses and there was NO DOUBT that they were wolves. Saints, listen to the Holy Spirit about what and who you believe, this person deceives many and even me for a season, but I listened and the Holy Spirit confirmed it multiple times After I listened to His direction.

Additionally, on the topic of the racial division, do research on George Soros and his “Open Society Foundations”. Once you see what this group does (ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the real agenda), you will have tremendous understanding of the Word below.

Here is what the Holy Spirit desires all to know a month later.

The time of the end is here let no man deceive you.

The wars and rumors of war have begun and will become a greater reality as spoken by my Word and my true prophets.

Children, the many plans that they {the elites} have been made to control every human on this planet have already begun in a variety of ways based on the culture of each land. It is so clever and so complex, that no man or individuals would be able to create nor execute these intricate agendas for they are so many and bring together not only certain groups but were also designed to create hatred against other groups. All in an effort to keep the masses from uniting to fight the true enemy.

One such example in the U.S. is Black Lives Matter organization (financed by George Soros). I am a God that pronounced all things I have created as good. I created man in my image. So, how can something so simple as skin color divide people on that basis alone? Yet, it is always an issue, not even between blacks and whites, but between blacks and blacks, and whites and whites based on “how pure their skin complexion” thus some are not white enough while others {African Americans} are declared “to black” or “to light”. You hate others over something that you have no control over and what makes no difference. Yet, you define people by their skin tone or their ancestry instead of their character and their relationship with me.

I struck Moses’ sister and brother with leprosy for their discrimination toward his Ethopian wife. Let that be a lesson you learn and incorporate in your thinking and actions toward others!

I say to you, if you allow the plans of the enemy to control and gain access to your thoughts and deeds, this unrighteousness will lead to your ultimate enslavement! China and Russia are determined to take the lands I have given you completely under their rule! It couldn’t be more clear to those paying attention.

China, the land that once suffered under British and Japanese rule over the last several centuries has thrown off all claims to her and has created a nation of brainwashed citizens, who dare not defy her. They have harvested organs from their own prisoners to provide strength to their leaders in failing health. Do not think that your own governments do not practice the same wickedness.

If people cared enough to have justice rule and reign, they would have executed these monsters but instead, they post positive tweets and argue why the failings of the leader are anything but. China has become the epitome of evil in my eyes. She experiments in devious ways to seek even greater control over not only her own citizenry but plots great evil which will result in great horror, while the world ignores her sins.

Many do not see that what is happening in Shanghai is the testing ground for mass incarceration of her people’s and land’s she plans to soon control. Allowing the police absolute control of all the people in this huge metropolis is the first step. China has chosen to starve her people in the guise of another planneddemic for the purposes of submission.

If she can completely shutdown the entire community of nearly 30 million people, while the world sits idly by with nary a complaint. How then my dear one’s will you be rescued, when it happens to you?

Have you learned nothing from the survivor stories in World War Two? How many people starved to death because the soldiers stole what little they had? How many kept thinking that the world would stop Hitler even before he had the power to start the war? Hitler was a leader and garnered many followers for a decade before he began his war of savagary. Yet, few did more than listen and shake their head at his inflammatory words of hate and division.

Ah, you are so blind, my children and you continue to stick your heads in the ground, hoping it will go away? It will not. The time is nigh where systematically they will take control with very little opposition, China and Russia will go on through their carefully planned steps to gain control and very little will be done to stop it.

Little do you know, that your own governments are sabotaging you with plans to enrich themselves in the process. You have heard the stories of their deception and pilfering from the coffers. The “free” money for looking the other way. While they look in the camera and vaguely threaten repercussions while delightedly laugh to themselves at the reality of the matter and plans for their investments with their ill-gotten gains.

As the Chinese citizens submit to the point of betraying their family for a bite to eat, China will exert forced labor and participation in battles to come. She will completely bring Taiwan to her knees. Plans are in the works for the Phillipines as well.

Japan prepare for the onslaught that will occur for their memories of occupation are clearly remembered with rage at their humiliations by your hand. Their hatred is great and retaliation with bombs will be part of your reward for the suffering they endured eighty some years ago.

When Russia attacks the United Kingdom, they will be supported with words, declarations and war supplies, for the Chinese have not forgotten their experiences of the Western culture, which they despised. They hold the British Empire with great contempt, particularly for her efforts in spreading the gospel through missionary efforts. There is no place for religion unless in serves to support the submission to the regime. Their one true god is the State, which is ruled by some of the most evil men in the world today {not only the Chinese}.

Do not despise the citizenry, so many are victims even though they may think they have great freedom. Like you, they are imprisoned, animals on a short leash, rule followers less they too are imprisoned for standing against the State’s rigid rules. Those who are slaves and do not know it are the best servants of all.

Pray for the lost in all nations, they are sinners as are you. They must realize their nakedness, their unclean minds and spirits in order to find the righteousness that only comes through the death, burial and resurrection of My Son. The One who knew no sin. How can you despise my creation!? I love them just as much as I love you. I AM is not a respecter of persons. I don’t care what the shade of their skin is, I look at the heart. Many are crying for solutions but have never learned of my provision through My Son!

Please look with mercy upon the lost. Time is short. Pray that their oppressions lead them to bow their knees and that they will realize what true freedom is! Freedom in the physical experience is wonderful but freedom of the Spirit is eternal.

Watch and pray my beloved. Very soon, the world will be so different, it will capture the attention of even the most hardened hearts. Speak truth to the living, be my watchmen, serve those in need.

I love you!


~Handmaid of the Most High~ Acts 2:18-19, Psalm 37:30

Please note that this is further confirmation of this word by more than 20 prophecies, I have posted in the last three years. As I spent several hours reviewing them as well as some other prophecy’s that mention China indirectly, which are significant, I saw a number of things have already come to past. I can’t possibly post all the links to those key ones, as my right arm aches greatly when typing and the pain is extreme.

Please do a search in the “classic search” near the bottom on the website home page and type my nam and all the prophecy titles will appear, read through the pages to see all prophecies or using key words will populate the screen with all my prophecies that had the key word in the description (the web master did not identify most of my early prophecy’s so they will not appear) which will also include other prophetic words on the topic.

Pay attention to any in the series of prophecy’s “The Sword is Coming” and “Careening Toward Chaos” also, as these may mention both Russian and Chinese attacks on North America. Below is the date and the first few words of the title of relevant words. I’ve astericked a few that are extremely relevant.

Specific Prophecies

*2/21/19 The Coming Destruction
3/01/19 Vision/Message Their Army is Coming
*5/9/19 Vision/Message: The Next War
7/14/19 War Attacks
*7/19/19 Civil War
10-5-19 Confirmations Regarding
7-2-20 America’s Days
7-16-20 Terror on the Streets
8-3-20 Two Visions
11-29-20 Utter Destruction
12/5/20 America Babylon’s
1-9-21 I Have Set
1-9-21 America the Great
3-18-21 When the Walls
*5/29/21 The Winner Is…China!
6/25/21 China Attacks link here
7-4-21 Destruction
*8-21-21 Cry America!
*1/2/22 His Influence
2-3-22 Scarcities
2-27-22 World Domination
*3-19-22 Red Alert!


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