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April 7, 2022 1:04 AM
Brother Moses
The Sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings Malachi 4:2.

April 7,2022 Words from the Lord.

My son write down these words.

I am the Almghty God.I am the begining and the end. I am Eternity. My ways is always perfect. I am a God that is beyound human comprehension. The Sun of righteousness. I am the great healer and I heals my children from their physical and spiritual sickness. The world cannot heal you or give you any relieve from your wounds. Many of my children are looking for healing and permanent cure from their physical, emotional and spiritual sickness in a world that is empty and tastless.

A world that is ruled by my enemy can never heal your wounds, it will rather increase the pains.I longs to come and heal you of all your physical emotional and spiritual sickness, but your mind is more focused on the world. You have no time to stay in my presense so that I can heal the wounds in your heart,but you have time to waste in worldly pursut chasing after shadows and have turned your back from me and not your face, for when troubles overflows your life you will then remember that i am your God. How can I heal those wounds in your heart when you spend most of your time with your phones, tablets, computer, TV and with earthly friends, but spends little or no time with me. My children is all these things that you wastes your presious time with worth loosing an intimate relationship with your creator?

Many of my children are strugling with the spirit of unforgiveness and many are in hell because of unforgiveness. My children unforgiveness is a very deadly sickness which you must cry unto me to remove from your life, for many have lost eternal life in my kingdom because of it. Unforgiveness gives my enemy the free access to work in your life, for it opens the door for him to attack and afflict you. It hinders your own forgiveness. Is it not written in my holy word that if you do not forgive those that offends you that your heavenly father will not forgive your own sin. Unforgiveness hinders your healing, blessings and spiritual growth. The reason why many of my children are being attacked by devils is because they carry unforgivenes in their heart. My child is what your brother or sister did to you greater than what you are doing to me daily? Is it greater than the sins I forgave you? Why have you allowed unforgiveness to block our relationship? Why do you want unforgiveness to separate you from me for eternity? Know this my children that no one with an unforgiven spirit will ever enter in to my kingdom, for that is not my nature.

Please my children always forgive unconditionsly even if the offender did not you ‘I AM SORRY’! JUST LET IT GO! It is for your own good. My son the reason why I am emphasizing much on unforgiveness is because many of my children are being held in bondage by the spirit of unforgiveness. Did not my word said that it is only when someone offends you 490 times in a day that you will cease to forgive? This simply means that you should forgive at all times with no condition attached to it. My children give no place to the devil. Ask me to give you the grace to forgive the way I your Creator, Saviour and Lord forgives and I will give it to you. Come to me my children for your physical, emotional and spiritual healing, for I am the great PHYSICIAN. Amen


Coordinating Scriptures

Isaiah 53:4-5
Isaiah 57:8
Jeremiah 30:17
Mathew 6:14-15
Math 18:21-22
Mathew 18:35
Eph 4:31-32.

Brother Moses.

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