Five Aspects of Forgiveness

Five Aspects of Forgiveness

1. Forgiveness for Our Sins

The first and most obvious, of course, is the need for our sins to be forgiven by the Father; to ask forgiveness and receive it from God.

2. Forgiving God

A second aspect of forgiveness is our need to forgive God – not because He’s done anything for which He needs to be forgiven, but simply because at times we get mad at Him.

3. Forgiving Ourselves

Third, there are times when we have to forgive ourselves.

4. Seeking Forgiveness from Others

A fourth aspect of forgiveness in which we are to seek forgiveness when we know we’ve hurt or wounded someone else.

5. Extending Forgiveness to Others

A fifth aspect is the forgiveness we are to extend to others when we have been offended. And whether or not they know they’ve offended us, or have asked forgiveness is really not relevent.

Forgiveness is not an emotion; it is a decision. It is not a feeling; it is an act of the will.

Forgiveness Prayer

Dear Lord Jesus, I have a confession to make. I’ve hated and resented certain people, and I’m sorry, Lord I see that I’ve sinned agianst You and agianst them, and I see now that in Your Word You command us to forgive. I want You to help me forgive them, and I’m deciding with my will to forgive. Lord I ask You to forgive me for every wrong thought and attitude, for every wrong deed and action by which I have offended You and Your people. Lord I ask You to help me to forgive others. I want to forgive everyone who has ever harmed me or wronged me. I’m deciding with my will to forgive them. Lord, I lay down my bag of unforgiveness, and I gladly release everyone who’s offended me, and pray Your blessing upon them. And in Jesus’ name, God I forgive You for the things that I have resented about Your dealings with me. And in Jesus’ name, I forgive myself. Lord, I ask You to help me walk in the light, to love You and to love my brothers and sisters in the Lord and serve You and to serve them in life that’s free of resentment and unforgiveness. I thank You, Jesus for forgivinf me and making me willing to forgive. Amen


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