Two Cities Destroyed – Anna Jacobs

Two Cities Destroyed – Anna Jacobs

There has been a heavy blanket of spiritual darkness hovering over this earth, and a battle of demonic rage has been waged in the heavens with such fierceness as has never been seen since the day that Christ Jesus died on the cross. Do you feel it, people of God? Never has there been a time since the creation of the world when all the forces of good and evil have culminated to a point of no return. We are there, at that point. The armies of heaven are mounted up against the devil and his demons, and all of Satan’s best-laid plans are at this moment being put into play. Oh, people of God, have you ever felt such an urgency to be on your knees pleading for the souls over which the devil and the angels fight for eternal rights? It is to this day we are called—prayer warriors for such a time as this.

Revelation 8:3-5: “And another angel came and stood at the altar with a golden censer, and he was given much incense to offer with the prayers of all the saints on the golden altar before the throne, and the smoke of the incense, with the prayers of the saints, rose before God from the hand of the angel. Then the angel took the censer and filled it with fire from the altar and threw it on the earth, and there were peals of thunder, rumblings, flashes of lightning, and an earthquake.”

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, and this is what I have heard Him say:

My daughter, I will tell you all that is on my mind, for it is a time of intense urgency for the people of this earth. The time of Jacob’s Trouble has begun, and a great millstone of trial is about to be thrown into the land of Israel, causing a great tsunami wave of effects across the world that will accelerate in such a proportion as has never been seen since the flood of Noah, yet even the flood of Noah was merciful compared to the trial coming upon this earth. Oh my people, mourn for the cities of Israel and lift up your hands in intercession, that they may see their Messiah before He comes to them, that they may pour out their hearts in lamentation for their sins. A time is coming, and now is, when my people, my people of Jacob, will have no more time to repent. I am sending a great calamity to their land. Many have been discussing the blood moon that is coming on Friday. Many have been speculating as to the meaning of this blood moon, the symbol of wrath. Speculate no more, for I will tell you plainly what you are to expect. My people in the cities of Damascus and Jerusalem must warn the nations of what is coming upon the earth, for the very thing that you experience on the day of the blood moon will be felt in many cities throughout the earth. Let this be a sign to you, for on the day of the blood moon, when the cities of Damascus and Jerusalem are destroyed, you will know that I AM the LORD!

Luke 21:20-24: “But when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, then know that its desolation has come near. Then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains, and let those who are inside the city depart, and let not those who are out in the country enter it, for these are days of vengeance, to fulfill all that is written. Alas for women who are pregnant and for those who are nursing infants in those days! For there will be great distress upon the earth and wrath against this people. They will fall by the edge of the sword and be led captive among all nations, and Jerusalem will be trampled underfoot by the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.”

Yesterday, I had a vision that I was sitting with the Lord Yeshua on the slopes of the Mount of Olives. (I have never been there or seen images of the Mount of Olives that I was aware.) I was looking down the mountain at some rows of crops. I couldn’t tell what they were exactly. Well, today, I did an Internet search of the Mount of Olives, and the image that came up looked exactly like what I saw in my vision (see: In the very next scene of the vision, I was still sitting with the Lord on the mount and looking down, but this time, all the greenery was gone. Everything was destroyed. Everything was just a blanket of soot and grey.

At the end of the LORD’s word above, I happened to look down on the word count; it read 550. Fifty-five was the same number that I saw when I was telling a trusted friend of this revelation earlier today and had been agonizing over whether it was truly from the LORD. The number 5 symbolizes God’s grace, goodness and favor toward humans” ( Surely the Lord is giving much grace in continually warning us of His judgments! A double five confirms that God wants us to pay attention. Oh may the people of the Lord repent in dust and ashes and mourn for the sins of the world, that in the midst of judgment, God may yet have mercy on many souls!

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