Jul 20, 2019, 8:14 PM

Since 1995 a year after I Got save The Lord has given me vision’s dreams revelation confirmation thru scriptures, about the earthquakes and tsunami’s that will hit the west coast & east coast. I live in Seattle Washington the very heart of God’s judgment’s one of many place’s. Recently in July 2019 Monroe Wa had a 4.6 earthquake in the country. Monroe is 30 miles from Seattle over the past year and half the Vctoria Islands off the coast of Vancouver has been experianing seismic activity. This has destroyed the subduction zones in which keeps place’s like Seattle and other West Coast State’s such as Oregon from getting tsunami’s. We are on the same titanic plate’s as Canada Monroe up as Bellingham is 3hr’s from Canada it will all be hit with a tsunami after a massive earthquake.

Out in The Pudget Sound they discovered a huge crevice a crack wide in long out here in the harbor of Downtown Seattle that is 1000 feet down. My revelation from God was that this will trigger the massive tsunami that will hit Seattle as well as The Rest of The West Coast. Why am I bringing this up because one The good Lord want’s me to and I read on 444prophecynews a blog by a M. Goss called Earthquakes West Coast USA.  About what I just wrote about the creavis in The Pudget Sound all along West Coast M. Goss spoke on Canada her connection to Washington, Oregon, Montan, Wyoming, California.

All of them have either volcanic crater’s or volcanic mountain’s that sit on the same faultiness w open crevices and crack’s such as Yellowstone Mt.Borah, Mt Rainier, Mt’Adam’s which is 37miles from Mt Saint Helen’s her lava flow drained into Mt.Adam’s which is now active full of St.Helen’s Lava flow. M.Goss also spoke on the crack’s under the ocean floor again my spirit had felt heavy abit for Oregon they have been having increased seismic activity out in the ocean the past 3yrs.

During the Japanese Tsunami right off the coast several mile’s out the ocean floor opened up. The water was swirling like a massive whirlpool sucking million’s of gallon’s of water in then hurling back out at G forces that cause the water to go in 7 to 10mile’s some place’s. Those same wave’s hit California 5 day’s later at 500mile’s an hr I saw the video’s on Youtube. Again Canada Victoria Island’s are being hit w alot of 6.0 or more earthquake’s alot lately the past 1 yr 1/2. The coast of Washington State has been getting the mini tsunami’s alot from those earthquake’s I’ve again seen the Youtube video’s they are 10ft but they crawl in so fast I had a dream of Santa Monica being hit w something similar but the wave was 25ft in 2016. I also had a dream 3mons before it happened the Japaneses tsunami.

Again The Japanese earthquake tsunami proves that the crevice not only in the Pudget Sound,can do the same damage but also the comfirmation of the ocean’s rising due to these crack’s but that God can’t lie. The Prophet’s have been warning use for over 100’s William Braham saw the destruction of Los Angele’s and the smart car in the 50′, Joe Brandt from 1937 by far the most powerful witness to The West Coast Destruction he saw Los Angele’s,San Fransico break off into the ocean. Joel Brandt also saw the bird’s vanishing agian I can bare witness to the vanshing bird’s here in Seattle. M. Goss the blog poster 444prophecynews who I spoke of mentioned the bird’s vanishing from California.

William Seymour of the Azusa Street Re vial also saw the destruction of Los Angele’s he also was to by God of another gospel being preached in our time.Youtube also has 1000’s of dream’s vision’s The West Coast Destruction. My friend Hapi2bee channel is one such channel on Youtube her husband saw San Francisco’s destruction. David Wilkerson 40yrs ago saw the destruction of The West Coast Los Angele’s. God is also waking people in other nation’s to America’s coming plight they love America and are praying I’ve seen the video’s on Youtube and on 444prophecynews.com. Tom Deckard in the 70’s saw California from Los Angele’s break off into the ocean last ut not least God showed me in 1995 the earthquake that hit’s around Los Angele’s and beyond will kill 7million in that state along the coast.

In 2007 was the 1st of many warnings The Lord gave me about Seattle and a tsunami. I had at the time meet another believer Mike while taking care of some personal business. Mike was full of the spirit he came right up and said to me ‘Sister I feel I can share with you what The Lord revealed to me and my wife about Seattle he wants me to tell you” we talked about The Lord abit he was staying w her and his best friend at The Bread Of Life Shelter. He said my wife and best friend both had dream’s of The Space Needle begin dragged out to sea by a huge tsunami.

I had a hard time after that in the back of my head lol I was shocked but Mike then said I met a woman here a week and 1/2 after that who was a prophet she began to speak on his wife and Mikes best friends dream’s of The Space Needle being dragged into the ocean by a tsunami. Mike told me I revealed nothing to her the Holy Spirit told her and this woman to had the same dream she said of The Space Needle being dragged into the ocean by a tsunami. I believed Mike some but I prayed and asked God to show me sign’s that night.

I went home my friend Tascha I told me after I’d shared w her about Mike Tascha said I had a dream last night I was floating down 3rd ave in Downtown Seattle between Virginia and Lenora St on an object the water was as high as the Worksource the tree and stuff was floating in the water I felt it was a tsunami.

After that sign’s kept coming of The West Coast and Seattle’s destruction I had God show me in 2008 thru some picture’s on I took on my cellphone. They were of The Space Needle during a festival I took two of them I put them away and didn’t look at em for 3wks. This is what I saw and 20 people saw them photo’s The Space Needle was crooked you saw an arm then at the center of the neck of The Space Needle. You saw a Massive hand gripping it the thumb was that of huge wave yanking The Space Needle back in to the ocean. I contacted Rick Wile’s and John Paul Jackson nether replied.

Since 2007 and 2008 God has sent warning after warning about Seattle one of my friend’s Eddy in 2010 revealed he saw the Space Needle in a dream under water in The Pudget Sound he said God showed him all the way past Tacoma, Ballard ,West Seattle, Seattle was under water.Eddy’s wife also had a dream of being in a high rise w her daughter and a huge wave coming in hitting the building.They were up pretty high 20 floors or more up the water missed thier floor by a few feet she said when it hit the building shook so many believer’s in Seattle are being warned thru dream’s and vision’s i’ve meet.
Now I understand when The Lord spoke to me in 2008 about The tsunami that will hit Seattle wont set off the Tsunami beacon’s in the ocean that it will jump it. Because the 1000 ft crevice they discovered a few years ago in The Pugdet Sound. Will it pervent the warning signal from going off to warn the people ?????.

Scripture given America is Babylon w the spirit of Bel or BAAL= Satan in her.America is Sheshak[a] she will be captured the whole world will seize with shock fear at America’s destruction. The sea’s will cover her on all coast her walls of protection infiltrated destroyed by the enemies God has raised against us.Our false god’s entertainment industry ran by the kabbul /bel/BAAL people will stop coming to see our trash movie’s and music. Our media the balphomet the whole world we seduce with idol worship the land will be so distorted tore up that travel will become impossible no1 one will want to come.

Jeremiah 51:41-44 New International Version (NIV)

41 “How Sheshak[a] will be captured,
the boast of the whole earth seized!
How desolate Babylon will be
among the nations!

42 The sea will rise over Babylon;
its roaring waves will cover her.

43 Her towns will be desolate,
a dry and desert land,
a land where no one lives,
through which no one travels.

44 will punish Bel in Babylon
and make him spew out what he has swallowed.
The nations will no longer stream to him.
And the wall of Babylon will fall. Jeremiah 51 verse’s 41-44


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