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West Coast USA – M Goss

West Coast USA

Jul 2, 2019, 7:13 PM
M Goss

I am a watchman and have been given a message…its up to you to share this with the people you have contact with on the west coast. We pray for all every night on our call!!! I am sending you this is because I was shown another vision of the crack that is in the ocean off of the west coast….I have had many confirmations about the heating that is happening in the earth…

Today I saw a ridge in the ocean and its coming apart…this will be the 7th vision I have been shown about a heating and splitting in the crust on the west coast.

Then I received a word
“You need to warn them”
and tell them “I AM COMING SOON”

“Tell my people. Stand strong, stand firm. Stand strong, stand firm the waves are rising, do not be afraid.”

I AM coming soon,
I will rip the skies and the seas apart…Do not be afraid, do not be afraid, do not be afraid…Stand firm.

I was taken to a river, on the left were canyon walls (only on the left) the water was green and the river was winding. I traveled North all the way to an underground area, where the water was boiling and mixing with sulfur. I have seen pictures where it comes up on top of the earth looks like a crystal clear water lake. I was told

“The water will become bitter-poisoned.”


I was hovering over the earth and I could see the US…but Africa was to the left of California and I said that’s not supposed to be there suddenly the map righted itself and I looked upward to where Alaska and Russia are close together (Many times my attention is drawn to Alaska)

Next I was told to look into the ocean Northeast of Hawaii and West Northwest of California at a spot in the ocean. I was taken into the water deep down where I saw a crack and bubbles coming up from it. Hot water boiling from beneath. I asked “what is making it bubble and get so hot to boil, and how far does this crack go?” I looked Northward and could see the crack going as far as the my eyes could see.
“Everyone will be affected”
Next I could see into the crack in the center of the earth. I saw a big ball of energy and it was spinning around really fast, it was bluish white in color.

I saw a canyon with a split in the middle and I saw dust and earth being stirred up violently and then suddenly I saw a mudslide coming down the middle and it turned into muddy water.
Next I saw the boiling coming up to the top of the sea…I wrote “the seas will rise when the earth opens up. Then I saw open going North then splitting like a lightning bolt towards Alaska and North East towards Oregon, Washington area Northward through North Montana area up into Canada and then another part of it split a went South West towards Northern California. Next I saw the seas rise violently and then the seas receded back into the crack. Next I saw the hollywood sign and the mountain it is on destroyed and the black and white theater masks melted. *the seas will rise fast is what I wrote.

Then I saw birds of all kinds many many many birds flying from the west to the east.
Then I saw the crack open in the sea and water burst out of it spewing up and the ocean began to fall into it. I saw a huge wave coming over the west coast and recede quickly back into the ocean. Worst that has ever been seen is what I wrote. Then I wrote:
We will not be invaded, the land will be purified for our sake and for HIS GLORY.

I was floating over the ocean Northward direction and angels were flying over a big rift or divide in the ocean 1 left and 1 right on of each side (2nd time I’ve seen this).
Then I saw the crack which I had seen it looks like a lightning bolt shape.
Then I was standing on top of a snow covered mountain and I was praising Him with my hands lifted high. Suddenly, the mountain crumbled under me but I didn’t fall, I continued to praise Him with nothing beneath me.
Then I saw a cloud shaped as a bowl over the crack in the ocean, once again I heard “A great divide is coming”.

“Tell My Children to keep their eyes on me!”

I was on the bow of a ship going through a mist as the mist broke I saw a black mountain range explode. Then I looked straight down from the bow and I saw the crack in the ocean open with boiling water. Next I saw a curved river boiling. Next I was on a plane and looking out of the window I could see the water that comes up from the crack coming up through the clouds.

I also had received a word:

When the vents spring up go east.
West to east.
I will sink their fleet, be ready to use your feet.
The rest must prepare, prepare to open your arms with care.

Tell my children
A great divide is coming, Do not be afraid war…be afraid of my wrath.
Do not be afraid of pestilence, be afraid of my wrath.
A great divide is coming

Please pray for our brethren…

***We are not appointed to wrath if you are a son or daughter, if you are walking right with HIM…however his children aka/mankind will be.

***Please note that everything that was revealed lines up biblically, I have found the scriptures there are many…I suggest you do so if you have any doubts***

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